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image of autumn colors
Adventures Travel
Colors, Colors Everywhere! Hello Autumn!
7 days ago

Colors, Colors Everywhere! Hello Autumn! A one word description of autumn would be COLOR! Colors everywhere I look. Beautiful colors. Hello Autumn! Life in Little House in the fall can also be described by that same word. We are surrounded by trees. Trees that are ALL turning colors. So many stunning shades and hues. Who […]

image of chestnuts at Little House
No Chestnuts For Us! Harold Gets The Nuts!
2 weeks ago

No Chestnuts For Us! Harold Gets The Nuts! No Chestnuts for us! Harold Gets The Nuts! After additional research we decided Harold gets the nuts with no competition. Let me back up a bit and tell you the story that resulted in that decision. Little House is surrounded by trees. Wonderful shade trees. Two large maple […]

image of surfers Pacific City Oregon
Adventures Travel
The Beach. Where Life Falls Into Place.
3 weeks ago

The Beach. Where Life Falls Into Place. A place to play, relax, draw a breath of the clean air, explore, be rejuvenated, contemplate life and it’s intricacies. That’s a lot to ask of one location. The beach. The beach is, for me, where life falls into place. Where the realization hits just how small we […]

Furniture assembly "LEGO" style by The Husband
Adventures Lifestyle
LEGO Construction, Adult Style!
1 month ago

LEGO Construction, Adult Style! Who knew moving into Little House would involve an adult size game of LEGOS? Turns out IKEA has the handle on adult size LEGO construction. How many of you sold or gave away everything when you decided to downsize and move into your RV? We definitely did that. For reasons I’ll […]

image of Nature's light show Quincy WA
Lifestyle Travel
Quincy WA – A Tiny Spot On The Map, A Hive Of Activity
1 month ago

Quincy WA – A Tiny Spot On The Map, A Hive Of Activity A tiny spot on the map, smack dab in the middle of WA State, Quincy becomes a hive of activity in the fall each year. Quincy is home to two very different types of “farming.” One agricultural, the other, data centers or […]

image of Coeur D'Alene Resort
Adventures Travel
Exploring Lake Coeur D’Alene Via The Mish-an-Nock
2 months ago

Exploring Lake Coeur D’Alene Via The Mish-an-Nock Lake cruises have been redeemed after exploring Lake Coeur D’Alene Via The Mish-an-Nock. Labor Day weekend found us cruising Lake Coeur D’Alene on board the Mish-an-Nock. Just one of the fleet of cruise boats owned and operated by Lake Coeur D’Alene Cruises, the Mish-an-Nock is 107 ft of well […]

image of city view from central food kendall yards spokane wa
What’s Good About Spokane WA? So Much!
2 months ago

What’s Good About Spokane WA? So Much! Why did we choose Spokane WA as our base? What’s good about Spokane? Turns out there is so much good about Spokane. A big little city, it is just the right size. It offers all the amenities of larger metropolitan areas while still retaining the feel of a […]

image of the view from Benson's Winery Chelan WA
Adventures Travel
Unpacking? Exploring Chelan? No Contest!!
2 months ago

Unpacking? Or Exploring Chelan? No Contest! More unpacking into Little House? Or exploring Chelan with The Cousins? No Contest, it’s an easy choice. I’m always up for a trip. Unpacking can wait a day or three. Chelan it is. Wine tasting. Lady of the Lake. Campbell’s Resort. Decision made. Off we went for 3 days […]

image of RV and truck
Adventures RV'ing
New Chapter, Next Phase!
2 months ago

New Chapter, Next Phase! And just like that, a new chapter starts as a piece of our lives pulled out of the RV park driveway on it’s way to a new chapter with a new owner. As my son so eloquently stated, “Next Phase!” Yes, even though I’m totally excited about the opportunity to live […]

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