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And Then There Was Gabe

image of crying child

AND THEN THERE WAS GABE! “I don’t want to be here!” “I think I’ll just go home.” He was only 3 and it was only his first week of preschool. He had been excited about going to school until it actually happened. He was so little and so upset as he sobbed into my shoulder […]


Let Go And Let God

image of woman praying

LET GO AND LET GOD A question I’m often asked is “how did you manage to successfully raise 4 kids by yourself while working multiple jobs?” I took it one day or one crisis at a time! I prayed A LOT! I learned to truly “.” They’re grown now and I can say with conviction […]


Just One Adult Conversation PLEASE!!

image of mother with baby in stroller

JUST ONE ADULT CONVERSATION PLEASE! I remember those days when I longed for the conversation of just one adult. When I thought I’d scream if I talked to one more person under the age of 10 without equal time of adult conversation. The days when I’d prepare dinner, get the kids cleaned up and wait […]


Sunsets For The Soul

image of puget sound sunset

SUNSETS FOR THE SOUL As I sit here tonight watching the sunset over the water of the bay my heart is at peace. The open patio door letting in the smell of the salt water, the clouds changing by the minute as the light plays behind them announcing that the day will soon end, the […]

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