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The Memory Making Grandma

image of grandma crocheting

THE MEMORY MAKING GRANDMA I had a grandma and because of her it is very important to me to be actively involved in the lives of my own grandchildren. I actually had two grandmas, however, only one of those was actively involved in my life. She was my memory making grandma! My grandma was full […]


My Foray Into The Marijuana Store

image of marijuana leaves

MY FORAY INTO THE MARIJUANA STORE No matter if you think Marijuana-Pot-Cannabis should or should not be legal, in some states it’s now legal. So, Curiosity got the best of me…. There is no shortage of argument these days regarding the pros and cons of making recreational use of marijuana legal. I happen to currently […]


Are Kids Being Over Scheduled??

image of sports team

ARE KIDS BEING OVER SCHEDULED? Overheard the other day from one of the teenage grandchildren, “I wish I had the time to read like he does.” Wow, that was eye opening. While discussing it further with him, he gave me a rundown of his schedule. He has school, extracurricular activities at school, his select sports […]


Let’s Go For Some Comfort!

image of furniture store

LET’S GO FOR SOME COMFORT! For any of you planning to spend more than a brief camping trip in your RV you need to know right up front that your furniture may not provide the comfort standard you were accustomed to in your stick built home. RV furniture looks nice and is always well coordinated […]


I Like Laundry!! Call Me Crazy!

image of laundry on outdoor line

I LIKE LAUNDRY – CALL ME CRAZY! Call me crazy but I actually like doing laundry. I like washing it, drying it and folding it. I like to see it all done nicely hanging in the closet or folded in the ready to wear. The only part I’m not overly fond of is but since […]


Play To Your Audience

image of businessman technology

PLAY TO YOUR AUDIENCE Have you heard the expression, “Play to Your Audience?” I had, but it really didn’t mean much to me until a recent trip to the local Verizon store while we were in AZ for the winter. As most know, AZ is home to thousands and thousands of retirees escaping the cold […]



image of Arizona cactus

LOVE WASHINGTON BUT LOVE ARIZONA TOO I miss our adult kids and our grandkids when we spend the winters in AZ. I miss them SO MUCH!! But as I look at the night sky tonight I realize I also miss I miss the warm AZ evenings when it’s winter in the northern states where our […]

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