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White Pass Wonders ~ Washington State


WHITE PASS WONDERS – WASHINGTON STATE There are several ways to cross the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State. Stevens Pass (SR 2) and Snoqualmie Passes (I-90) are the most commonly used and account for the highest volume of traffic. The other options are North Cascades Highway, White Pass, Chinook Pass and the Columbia Gorge. […]


Duct Tape Vehicles

image of damaged vehicle

DUCT TAPE VEHICLES At what point does your car cease to be a car made of metal and become a duct tape creation? While in a mall parking lot in Idaho recently I noticed a station wagon with the entire right front quarter panel constructed of duct tape. Pulling out of my parking space I glanced […]


Because Actions DO Speak Louder Than Words

image of hand and word respect

BECAUSE ACTIONS DO SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS “Crap, crap, crap” I hear her mutter under her breath. “What did you say?” I ask my 4 yr old granddaughter. Totally innocent, she repeats what she had just muttered. A conversation about appropriate and inappropriate things to say followed. Ever wonder why kids learn faster by what […]


Kudos For Great Customer Service

image of toyota logo

KUDOS FOR GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE Over the past few weeks driving our Toyota Prius has been an exercise in frustration. As long as the sun shines we’re good. However, summer in the northeast part of Washington often brings sudden rain squalls and therein lies my frustration. The window washer on our Prius decided to give […]


The Blended Family Conundrum

Yours, mine, ours??

THE BLENDED FAMILY CONUNDRUM How do you adjust to being part of a ? I’ve heard all the various ways to bring families together when the children involved are exactly that…children! However, the scenario  when all the children are grown adults is quite another matter. The Husband raised two children with his first wife while […]


It’s Fun To Do The “Tourist” Thing

image of flowers in park

IT’S FUN TO DO THE “TOURIST” THING Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day. Sunny and in the 80’s. The Husband and I decided to drive to Sandpoint, ID and browse around, doing the tourist thing for the day. We decided to take the back road instead of sticking with the main road (Hwy […]


An Introvert Among The Talkers


AN INTROVERT AMONG THE TALKERS I’m an introvert! It has taken me many years to accept that “diagnosis” but it’s true! I’m a true blue introvert living amongst the talkers. I’m married to an extrovert. They say opposites attract and apparently that’s true. Tonight as I watched the sunset fade and the night sky come […]

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