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Early Mexico Morning

image of beach sunset and skyline

Early Mexico Morning It’s an early Mexico morning. The sun is just coming over the horizon, the partiers from last night are still sleeping, one solitary figure, a daddy walks, with his little girl on his shoulders, lazily down the beach. She is chattering away to her daddy. He can vaguely be heard in low […]


Compassion Is The Missing Element


COMPASSION IS THE MISSING ELEMENT Compassion. It’s something I’ve noticed is the missing element in many scenarios. Young, busy mothers come to mind as a place where more compassion and grace is needed and often not provided. Let’s all give young mothers a break. Maybe even offer them a high five for the tough job […]


The Day I Became A Horse Mom

The Day I Became A Horse Mom When I met Danni I knew nothing . No, I knew LESS than nothing. I knew they looked lovely in other people’s pastures. I knew they pooped A LOT! I knew they also ate A LOT! I had been on a horse once in my life and it […]


Love…A Bushel And A Peck


LOVE … A BUSHEL AND A PECK I love you..a bushel and a peck, bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck, a hug around the neck, a hug around the neck…..those are the words I sang to each of my babies and sing to each of my grand babies. That song along […]


Does Driving At A Snail’s Pace Cause Accidents?

image of fire truck at accident scene

DOES DRIVING AT A SNAIL’S PACE CAUSE ACCIDENTS? How does one get into a traffic accident when you drive under 25 mph?? I’ve yet to figure that one out. The little town we’re in this summer in northeastern WA state has a total population of approximately 3100. The maximum speed limit I’ve seen in this […]

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