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The Night Of The Flying Awning

image of a wind sock

THE NIGHT OF THE FLYING AWNING Weather Bug said a 30% chance of rain overnight and winds at 4 mph. Not a problem. We discussed pulling in the awning but 4 mph winds are not a big deal and the awning should be fine. Well, that sounded like a good plan. Then reality hit. Midnight […]


His Bad Day!

image of motorcycle rider

HIS BAD DAY! It wasn’t a good day for him…that guy with the big toy hauler in the space down the street. It was a nice sunny day and it was obvious from the level of activity at his spot that he and his wife were preparing to load up and leave. They had two […]


It’s Just A Tuesday…What Should We Do??

image of Palouse country fields

IT’S JUST A TUESDAY….WHAT SHOULD WE DO? It was just a Tuesday, the sun was shining and we had a day with absolutely nothing planned. We decided to hit the road and make a day trip to the Palouse area in southeast Washington State. We opted out of the quickest route and decided instead to […]


OMG! We Bought A House!!

image of house

JUST LIKE THAT WE BOUGHT A HOUSE OMG! We bought a house!! Just like that! Isn’t it amazing how life changes so rapidly. We bought a house yesterday. Nothing will change in our immediate future as we still plan to live the nomad life for several years before using this new purchase as our main […]


Taking The High Road During And After Divorce


TAKING THE HIGH ROAD DURING AND AFTER DIVORCE This is not an easy one. Anyone who has been through divorce will probably agree with me on that point. After agreeing on that one point, there will be as many different opinions as there are people divorcing or divorced. I can only relate to you what […]


Our Amazing Brains

image of brain

OUR AMAZING BRAINS It was a Saturday and the start of a 3 day weekend. I awoke with a screaming migraine headache. The migraine wasn’t that uncommon. In my family headaches seem to be, for the female members, synonymous with monthly periods. Some months they became migraines so severe that I couldn’t tolerate noise, light […]


The Start Of Our Nomad Life

image graphic of old rv

THE START OF OUR NOMAD LIFE Before we were ready to start our nomad life we had things to do. Knowing The Husband was counting down the days to his retirement, we started the process of downsizing.  Our plan was to sell the 3 bdr, 3 bath, 3 car garage residence, get a truck and […]

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