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Three Pies RV Oven Thanksgiving Or Disaster

image of wine and pie ingredients

Three Pies, RV Oven…Thanksgiving? Or Disaster? I volunteered to bring the pies and a veggie tray to our Arizona Thanksgiving with friends.  This was to be the first time I had baked pies since becoming full-time RV’ers. I volunteered to make an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. The Husband left to play pickle ball […]


Before The Snow Hits We Head South Again

image of rolling hills farmland in the Blue Mountains

BEFORE THE SNOW HITS WE HEAD SOUTH AGAIN! We’re out of here! Heading south as the trees up north are almost bare and the ground is a thick carpet of colorful leaves. Like Mary Poppins, the wind has changed and it’s time for us to leave.  We got to see the littlest grandkids head out […]


On The Road With A Large RV

image of Ford F350 dualie

ON THE ROAD WITH A LARGE RV “Sure,” I said, “it will be fun!” “Let’s get an RV and go wherever we want to go.” So we did….. We researched and researched and although The Husband was leaning toward a motorhome, I was leaning toward a 5th wheel and a truck. I liked the idea […]


Luxuries How Many Can We Do Without?

image of RV dining table

LUXURIES – HOW MANY CAN WE DO WITHOUT? What is considered a luxury and how many of those can we do without? You have to live without something for a time to realize if it is an object that actually held meaning in your world or was just superfluous “stuff”… bathtub comes to mind. As […]


RV Kitchen Challenges Quickly Became A Nightmare

image of soup makings

RV KITCHEN CHALLENGES QUICKLY BECAME A NIGHTMARE! It didn’t take long after moving into our RV full-time for me to realize I would be facing some kitchen challenges (how the heck did cowboy camp cooks ever do it??) Such limited counter space….yes, there is a fair amount of cupboard space but many (most!!) of those […]


First Winter, Full-timers, Creepy Park!

image of rv in snow first winter full-timers creepy park

FIRST WINTER, FULL-TIMERS, CREEPY PARK! Our first winter as full-time RV’ers found us in a creepy park! Northeastern Washington isn’t usually a destination point for RV’ers in the winter. Many RV parks aren’t even open year around due to the harsh winters. So where did we head for our first winter as fulltime RV’ers? The […]


I Miss The Outdoor Clothesline! An RV Park No-No


I Miss The Outdoor Clothesline! It’s An RV Park No-No!! RV parks have an issue with any laundry drying outdoors. To date we’ve stayed at RV parks in WA, OR, ID, UT, MT, NV and AZ.  Parks have lists of “rules and regulations.”  Consistently they outlaw drying racks, clotheslines or clothing of any type being […]


Are We In Kansas Yet? Holy Winds!!

image of colorful wind banner

ARE WE IN KANSAS YET? HOLY WINDS! Hello Toto, are we in Kansas yet? The way the wind has been blowing for the past several days I fully expect lift off for Kansas to occur any minute now. Living in an RV in a park with few trees to break the wind makes me fearful […]

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