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Odd Restaurant Combinations Bikini Baristas in our RV Travels

Odd Restaurant Combinations that we see in our RV Travels Now that we have driven north and south and a bit of the east and west, we have found some odd restaurant combinations.  The first one I noticed was a cute older looking house with a big sign and reader board for CAFE.  Nice downtown […]


Farm Lesson 8,452 – Monitor What Your Animal Eats AND The Amount!

Farm Lesson  8,452 – Monitor What Your Animal Eats AND The Amount My mother learned a lesson the hard way that you have to monitor not only what your animals eat, but the AMOUNT they eat. I lived on a farm as a kid and I had a pet sheep. Patience was her name. Patience […]


The Ongoing Saga Of What Can Go Wrong Next?

TODAY’S EPISODE IN THE ONGOING SAGA OF WHAT CAN GO WRONG NEXT? I’m beginning to feel like this blog is simply a timeline in the ongoing saga of “what can go wrong next” with this RV?? The latest issue is the furnace. We’ve now been without a furnace for the past couple weeks. About two […]


Life In A Two Room Schoolhouse

image of Evaline School life in a two room schoolhouse

LIFE IN A TWO ROOM SCHOOLHOUSE Until the age of 13 I attended a two room schoolhouse. I knew larger schools existed as I’d seen the “town” school from the outside but my reality was two rooms. Strict adherence to the age cut-off didn’t exist back then so I was allowed to start 1st grade […]


Roger Bathes With Jimi Hendrix

image of water feature mesa az

A Walk In The Park Reminded Me Of Another Park Another Day And Roger Bathing With Jimi Hendrix We walked in the park the other day and viewed the lovely fountain you see above. The sight of that fountain reminded me of another fountain we saw a few years ago before we retired and took […]


The Realities Of Full-time RV’ing

image of Washington winter

Lots Of Research…We’re Ready For Our Nomad Life…Then Came The Realities Of Full-time RV’ing!! As The Husband and I were making our decision to become full time RV’ers we did copious amounts of research hoping to be well prepared for our new nomad life. We researched the various makes and models of coaches,  5th wheel trailers […]


Christmas Ideas For The Grandkids

image of Christmas decorations

CHRISTMAS IDEAS FOR THE GRANDKIDS Christmas is getting close and once again I’m asking the parents for Christmas ideas for the grandkids. The kids old enough to have their own phone have received text messages from Grandma and Grandpa asking them directly for ideas. Christmas giving has changed drastically over my lifetime. When I was […]


Crazy Drivers We See Traveling Cross Country

image of WSP patrol car

The Crazy Drivers We See While Traveling Across The Country “The Wife” and I travel north to south and back with the 5er (fifth wheel trailer) and see some seriously crazy drivers.  Here are a few of our favorites: Neat looking and sneaky police cars.  As we came around a corner in Nevada, there sat […]


That Extra Bolt, Screw Or Element??

image of oven with no bottom element

THAT EXTRA BOLT, SCREW OR ELEMENT? You know how sometimes you assemble something and you have an extra bolt or screw? Or an ELEMENT? As in a heating element. For your stove. Wouldn’t you think that when the installers took all those pieces out of the box and put the stove together that maybe they […]

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