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Old Cars and New Cars or “Hang on Henrietta!”

image of the Auburn

Old Cars and New Cars, What a Difference. As we travel in our RV we see old cars and new cars and what a difference.  Since I’m the ripe old age of 63 now and have messed with some antiques and some classics and a couple of new vehicles, I’ll give you my insight.  Headlights, […]


It’s Countdown Time Until Mother’s Day

image of it's countdown to mother's day

It’s Countdown Time Until Mother’s Day Today as this is posting the countdown until Mother’s Day is 18 days. What are your family traditions for this day? In the U.S. we celebrate Mother’s Day the 2nd Sunday in May. In the U.K.,  Brazil, Germany,  Japan,  Australia, Peru, France and Ethiopia this holiday is called Mothering Day […]


Let Me Introduce You To My Home State

Art at Chihuly Art Museum Tacoma WA

Let Me Introduce You To My Home State I’d like to introduce you to my home state – Washington. It is such a diverse state that I will have to do it over time and in multiple blog posts. From the ocean to the desert, Washington State has a very diversified topography and climate. Yesterday […]


Unique Cemeteries Seen In Our Travels

image of old headstone

Unique Cemeteries Seen In Our Travels Since we have been traveling I’ve noticed many unique cemeteries. Some beautiful and sporting impeccably groomed grounds. Others sadly forlorn, neglected and forgotten. In the dry southwest we found some with no grass at all.  The northwest, where water is more plentiful, cemeteries sport lush green grass amongst the […]


Three “Issues” Full-time RV’ers Face

image of boy and puppy

Three “Issues” Full-time RV’ers Face Let’s address three of the RV  “issues” experienced by full-timers. They are not necessarily good issues or bad issues. Just “different” issues. If you have been accustomed to living in a stick built house then there are a few things that will be handled differently once you start your life […]


5 Things I Can’t Live Without Mine Are Not the Same as Hers.

image of piano and sheet music happyhour786

5 Things I Can’t Live Without, Mine are Not the Same as Hers. So NoniKay asks me what are 5 things I can’t live without.  Well, I soon found out that mine are not the same as hers.  First thing I said was my toothbrush, as I am holding it in my hand.  She looked […]


Towing For 1500 Miles!!

image of crossing the Columbia River into WA

Towing For 1500 Miles! I did it. I towed our RV for 1500 miles with only brief stints of driving by The Husband. Am I sick of towing? Oh, you better believe it!! But it feels good to know that I did it. To know that, if necessary, I can get us (and our 38′ […]


Road Trippin’ Saturday to Thursday

image of old Ford truck road trippin' Saturday to Thursday

Road Trippin’ Saturday to Thursday Spring is here and for us that means road trippin’. Saturday to Thursday is the plan as we head North before the weather in the South gets uncomfortably hot. The last couple days in AZ were a flurry of good-byes, trying to see everyone before we all headed out. The […]


Five Things You Can’t Live Without? What Are They?

image of word coffee

What Are The Five Things You Can’t Live Without? What 5 things can’t you live without? Food, water, shelter and things like your comb and toothbrush don’t count. Think about it for a couple minutes. Can you come up with 5? Can’t be people. Has to be things. Tangible THINGS. As long as we have […]


34 Random Life Lessons From The Husband

image of The Husband random life lessons

34 Random Life Lessons From The Husband A discussion the other day led to this list of 34 Random Life Lessons From The Husband. Grab a piece of paper and list your lessons. Write them as fast as they pop into your head. It’s interesting to see what makes the list when it’s totally unscripted. […]

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