5 Things I Can’t Live Without Mine Are Not the Same as Hers.

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5 Things I Can’t Live Without, Mine are Not the Same as Hers.

So NoniKay asks me what are 5 things I can’t live without.  Well, I soon found out that mine are not the same as hers.  First thing I said was my toothbrush, as I am holding it in my hand.  She looked at me and said plainly and clearly, “no, a toothbrush is not a thing“.  What??!?? I’m confused.  Very often, she and I “do not speak the same language.”  Since when is a toothbrush not a thing?  Well, she goes to on to explain that is not what she meant by a thing.  Shelter, food, toothbrush, comb are not things.

Now I am trying to figure out the logic here.  Seems to me those are all very important things and a person really needs shelter and food.  Nope those “aren’t the things” that she was looking for for her list.  Some necessary things are exclusions. I was still confused, as occasionally happens. But I love her, so I keep at it.  So here are some “things” that I can’t live without.

What are Things Really, Nope We Don’t Speak the Same Language

Here goes my things.  We don’t speak the same language, but I am mostly sure these are actually things.

MUSIC – I love music, always have, loud with a driving beat or acapella with many voices mixed. For some reason, music runs through my soul.  I can mark different times, people and places in my life by my music.  Now that I am learning music, I am enjoying it even more.  My question now, “Is music a thing?”

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SHOES –  When I was a little kid, I ran barefoot all over the farm and the neighborhood, not a problem.  Today, my feet are so tender, I can’t hardly go out to the truck barefoot.  One great pair of  Ariat Ropers, one good pair of tennis shoes and I’m set. Oh, and my sandals and bedroom slippers.

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ONE COMFORTABLE CHAIR-  Since I am older and now retired, I sometimes sit and think or sit and read.  The key word is sit. Old(er) guys do that.  I really like my Lazy Boy Rocker Recliner chair.  It even puts me to sleep sometimes, which is a bonus.

A SHARP KNIFE – Every guy needs one. It’s a guy thing.  Besides how do you teach your 5 year old grandson how to whittle properly without a great sharp knife? Yep, it’s a rite of passage, like playing trucks, hitting a baseball, shooting baskets or handling a firearm.

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ONE HANDGUN – Personal protection, sport shooting, game hunting.  After many years in law enforcement, I believe every person in the USA should know how to safely load, unload, aim and accurately shoot a firearm.  There are guns in nearly every home and knowledge and skill to handle them safely is critical.

What would you put on your list?  Make sure they are “Things.”

What things would you put on yours? Give it some thought.  And make sure you and your wife speak the same language, because (I hope you know this by now) your things are not the same as hers.  I hope you enjoyed a look into my life.  (And really, since when is a toothbrush not a thing?)

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    • Kathy
    • April 24, 2017

    A “Guy List” is certainly vastly different than I would have imagined! :o) Fun comparison!

      • NoniKay
      • April 24, 2017

      I agree! Isn’t it funny how differently their brains work than ours? LOL!!

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