Yes, Baseball is Kind of Like Life

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Yes, Baseball is Kind of Like Life

Baseball has strategy, tactics, statistics, offensive and defensive options, skill, fortune and misfortune, crazy plays and often a bit of luck. Yes, baseball is kind of like life.  We have strong days where you can’t miss the strike zone or the ball looks as big as a beach ball coming in. You go on one of those hitting streaks where everything is over the fence (ala Boomstick Nelson Cruz) or the hitter smacks a hard grounder.  Or every great catch is a snow cone. And we have other days where the ball takes a funny hop and hits you in the face or goes right under your glove.  You get plunked in the back and get to smile, say ouch and take a walk to first. Life has some funny and bizarre plays too. There were three at the Reds game.

Crazy Plays or What the Heck Do We Do Now

The M’s had on a big shift toward right field. Saeger nearly standing on second. Runner on first and Tony Zych throwing for the first time since rehabbing for nearly a year after surgery.  Two great curve balls for strikes, next pitch, runner is going, then down and in fastball and the batter hits one off the handle right at the pitcher, bounces off Zych’s leg and rolls to third.  Of course with the shift, no one is there to field the errant bounce.  All of the sudden everyone is running toward third, runner and fielders. The only guy in position was the third base umpire.   Ended up safe on 2nd and 3rd.  No injury to the leg fortunately.

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image of Scott Servias & Bryan Price yes baseball is kinda like life
Scott Servias and Bryan Price Coaches that Like Each Other

Second Of The Crazy Plays

Ok second of the crazy plays.  Reds runner on first, pitcher throws over to first and it goes about 6 feet wide and behind Danny Valencia and bounces off the inside wall of the park.  Runner takes off, and now the funny part.  The ball boy sitting in the chair down the right field line was actually a nice rotund gray haired gentleman much older than me.  As everyone is running and chasing the errant throw it rolls to him.  It’s still a live play and he reaches out and fields the ball and throws it out of the field to a cute little kid.

Now, EVERYONE STOPS.  Of course the runner wants to stay at third, the second baseman and right fielder are looking around with astonishment. The ump calls the guy safe at third.  Then Manager Scott Servias walks out and all 4 of the umps and him discuss it.  I’m not sure what the rule is, or if there is one, but it was like life sometimes where everyone looks around and says “did you see that too?”  “What the heck do we do now.” Anyway after discussion, smiles, shaking of heads, knowing looks between all 5 of them, the runner is safe on third. Crazy play done. Next hitter. Yes, baseball is kind of like life.

And The Crazy Plays Continue

Third (and 4th crazy plays).  Now these are wonderful professional athletes, major league baseball players, in great form and tremendous physical shape.  Lightning reflexes, quick soft hands, powerful arms. Well??? Mariners hitter smacks a hard grounder to the the Reds third baseman, who fields it cleanly with nice soft hands and throws it WAY over the first baseman’s head into the stands.  Ok, sometimes it gets away from you.  Next inning, Mariners hitter smacks a hard grounder to third baseman.  Do you see where this is going?  Third baseman fields it cleanly with nice soft hands and AGAIN throws it WAY over the first baseman’s head.  Has life ever jumped up and slapped you twice in a row.  Yep, I felt sorry for him, we’ve all been there.

image of Eddie Diaz yes baseball is kinda like life
Eddie Diaz 100+ Fastball and Sneaky Curves



Spring Training Cactus League Baseball is Family Fun Too

NoniKay and I have enjoyed the games and the fans and the crazy plays.  With friends and family we have made a day of it. One of these years, we will get the kids and grandkids down for Spring Training Cactus League Baseball.  It will be so enjoyable for an old grandpa like me and the younger generations too.  Yes, baseball is kind of like life. Crazy plays. Some days great and some days not so great. Go M’s and it’s time to put Edgar in the HOF!  Regular Season is upon us and well we wait until next spring season.

Gratitudes for Today

  1. NoniKay and our kids and grandkids.
  2. Sunshine and slight breezes in Arizona in the spring.
  3. Time spent with friends and family.  Nice afternoon.
  4. A really comfortable rocker recliner in our RV.
  5. The arm sling that keeps me from screwing up my shoulder until it can heal and I can get it rehabbed.  Guess I am on the DL for a bit.


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