Roger Bathes With Jimi Hendrix

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A Walk In The Park Reminded Me Of Another Park Another Day And Roger Bathing With Jimi Hendrix

We walked in the park the other day and viewed the lovely fountain you see above. The sight of that fountain reminded me of another fountain we saw a few years ago before we retired and took to the road. And here is that story…..

The Husband’s mother is buried in a cemetery in Renton, Wa. It also happens to be the cemetery where Jimi Hendrix is buried. We visited that cemetery one rainy, chilly day. Due to the rain and cold I returned to the car before The Husband, leaving him at his mother’s gravesite. Sitting in the car waiting, I looked in the distance towards the memorial headstone (monument) of Jimi Hendrix. Across a driveway from Jimi’s monument sits a lovely Japanese style garden and large water feature.

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Imagine my surprise when up rose a man out of the fountain! A completely NAKED man! Tall, skinny, with long scraggly hair and absolutely not a stitch of clothing. Then as quickly as he rose he disappeared. About that time, the Husband opened the car door and I said, “Did you see that?!?!”  He replied, “see what?”  “That naked man up there by that fountain,” I replied. The Husband laughed, looked toward the fountain and saw nothing. He probably thought I was hallucinating at that point. He got into the car and said, “I want to show you Jimi’s tombstone.” As we circled around the drive toward the fountain and Jimi’s headstone, up rose Nature Boy again, out of the fountain completely au naturale! This time The Husband saw him and realized it wasn’t just my imagination.image of jimi hendrix memorial plaque roger baths with jimi

He Exited As If It Was An Ordinary Bathtub In His Home

As we circled the bend toward Jimi’s headstone and were within 60 feet of the fountain, Nature Boy disappeared down into the fountain water and out of view, waving to us as he disappeared. The Husband exited the car, walked near Jimi’s headstone, spent a few minutes and came back to the car.  As we prepared to leave the cemetery grounds Nature Boy exited the fountain, apparently done with his bath and ready to dry off.

image of jimi hendrix memorial roger baths with jimi hendrix

At the corner past the cemetery is a mini mart where we stopped briefly to grab some water.  A Renton police officer just happened to pull into the mini mart at the same time. The Husband asked him if he knew that there was a naked man in the cemetery fountain. The Officer asked, “tall, skinny, dark scraggly hair?”  “Why, yes,” said The Husband. “Oh, Roger!!” said the police officer, “I’ll go take care of him.”

Apparently Roger has a few issues at home and is also somewhat of a regular at the King County Hilton (a/k/a Jail).  When he isn’t incarcerated and has been kicked out of his home, he has been known to frequent the cemetery fountain as a bathing option. What do you think Jimi Hendrix would have to say about Roger??

image of park fountain mesa az roger bathes with jimi hendrix


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