Before The Snow Hits We Head South Again

image of rolling hills farmland in the Blue Mountains


We’re out of here! Heading south as the trees up north are almost bare and the ground is a thick carpet of colorful leaves. Like Mary Poppins, the wind has changed and it’s time for us to leave.  We got to see the littlest grandkids head out for trick or treating all decked out in their costumes with bags and buckets in hand. November 1st we had planned to leave. By 10:30 we had the slides in, were hooked up and ready to roll. Headed South again.

Heading west on I-90 we went to Ritzville, WA where I took a turn at the wheel and headed us  south onto Hwy 395 towards the Tri-Cities. Here I turned the wheel over to The Husband as we headed towards  Pendleton, Oregon. We spent our first night in Pendleton, OR where we had reservations at the KOA.  We arrived early enough to hook up in daylight (the ability to see easily is always a plus!!) The view from this park (photo above) overlooks the surrounding farmlands and rolling hills. Truly a spectacular view. Across the road from the KOA is a Red Lion Inn and restaurant.  A short walk the next morning and we enjoyed the view again while eating our breakfast.

Day Two

Day Two The Husband earned mega brownie points from me as he drove the entire day!  Winds of 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph were predicted between LaGrande, Oregon and North Powder, Oregon. I’d say that prediction was actually on the low end. Wow, that was SOME wind! Winds that strong make for less than desirable conditions when towing a 38′ RV. Like I said, The Husband earned brownie points for doing all the driving. I was definitely less than enthused about taking a turn at the wheel. Once we got past North Powder the wind lessened substantially and I was able to catch a few photos of the beautiful countryside.

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image of Blue skies and beautiful countryside before the snow hits we head south again
Blue skies and beautiful countryside

We rolled into Mountain Home, Idaho following the GPS directions on my phone as well as the Good Sam directions previously printed out by The Husband in an attempt to locate Mountain Home RV Resort where we had reservations for the night.  Both sources told us the Resort would be on our right. Nothing. No park. No signs. Nada. We found a Sears parking lot large enough for us to turn around, called the RV Resort and found it was actually on the opposite side of the road and down a long driveway.

Hopefully Good Sam gets their direction issue corrected because I’d hate for anyone to miss out on this park. It is top notch! RV sites that each have a large area of grass, picnic tables, concrete pads, lots of pull through options, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

image of Mountain Home Idaho RV resort before the snow hits we head south again
Mountain Home RV Resort – a top notch place to stay!

Day Three

Day Three dawned cool and clear.  We noticed the furnace was clicking on quite often during the night and understandably so, it was only 36 degrees at 8 a.m. and apparently had been lower overnight as there was frost on the windows of the truck. Cool and clear as we headed out. So much of the terrain between Mountain Home, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah is open range land with little to see. Twin Falls, Idaho breaks up the monotony briefly but after leaving Twin Falls, you better hope you have a good book on CD or if you aren’t the driver, a good one on Kindle or hard copy.  Pinion pines and pinion junipers are about the only break in the mostly flat, brown, landscape. image of desert scene before the snow hits we head south again

After a brief stop at the Cracker Barrel in Layton, Utah for some dinner we reached our destination for the night, Pony Express RV Resort. This park had been recommended to us by friends we met while in WA. Easily accessible, gated, large concrete pads made it easy to see why these friends gave it such a good recommendation. Friendly staff even handed out cookies as they checked us in.

Once again, The Husband did all the driving today. Brownie points given and many thanks to him!! I’m discovering that I’m ok with driving such a big rig but what I’m not OK with is driving such a big rig in traffic, in high winds, or on highways where 3/4 of the vehicles are tractor trailer rigs and not just ANY tractor trailer rig but the TRIPLES that they run in Idaho and Utah. Those things are mildly unnerving to me even when I’m not towing a 38’ trailer, due to the amount of sway of their trailers. With our RV behind and me at the wheel, my bravado dissipates at a rapid rate. How about I offer to take two turns at the wheel when we’re in a state that DOES NOT allow triples?

Day Four

Day Four we traveled the stretch between Salt Lake City, Utah and St. George, Utah. Long stretch of primarily the same desert scenery. The upside of this stretch is its relatively flat which meant I got brave and took a turn driving for a few hours. We arrived at the home of some family members and parked the RV for the night in their spacious yard.  76 degrees as we rolled into St George, Utah in November was feeling pretty good.

image of dash showing 76 degrees in December in Utah before the snow hits we head south again
76 degrees in November!!

A great dinner and even better visit took up our evening. After sharing morning coffee with our family and watching the deer come into their yard to help themselves to a couple bites of the horses’ hay, we were on our way south again.

Day Five

Day Five brought us to Kingman, AZ and our last stop on the road before our anticipated arrival in Mesa, AZ at the end of Day Six. The road between St George and Kingman had some areas that were quite rough. This resulted in the slide locks being jostled out of position. Looking in the rear view mirror I saw the right hand slide was extended about 6 inches. The Husband found the first possible place to pull off the highway, pulled the slide back in and repositioned the slide lock.  While these slide locks had eliminated the extreme issues we had experienced last spring while traveling North, the slides were still apparently going to bear some watching and some serious conversations with Keystone will be on The Husband’s agenda in the near future.

Day Six And We Are Here!

Day Six! The sun was bright and WARM! Actually warm enough while we were on the road that we turned the A/C on in the truck. We arrived at our destination park in Mesa and were met by two sets of wonderful friends waiting with a cold beer in hand for The Husband, assistance in getting the RV backed in and hooked up AND a dinner invitation. Doesn’t get any better than that! Thank you to our wonderful friends. Catching up with friends completed our evening. Tomorrow on to cleaning the road dust and dirt out of and off of the truck and RV.

Hello, Arizona! I love Washington but I have missed you Arizona!


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