OMG! We Bought A House!!

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OMG! We bought a house!! Just like that! Isn’t it amazing how life changes so rapidly. We bought a house yesterday. Nothing will change in our immediate future as we still plan to live the nomad life for several years before using this new purchase as our main residence. For now and the foreseeable future it will be a rental. However, it’s still very exciting for me as I’ve had my eye on this little house for over two years and now all the sudden within the space of 3 days it’s ours! So let’s back up a little…

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The Back Story

A little over 2 years ago The Husband was newly retired, we had just purchased our Montana 5th wheel and truck with which to pull it. We were adjusting to life as full-timers and making plans about where we wanted to go. While taking a walk one day I happened upon a very cute little house with a For Sale sign in the yard.

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Without even seeing the interior I loved that little house. It was just the perfect size for a couple, had a lovely yard, a garage and great curb appeal. Houses in that particular neighborhood were moving quite rapidly and it sold within a couple days. At that time we weren’t really in the market for another house so it didn’t feel like a missed opportunity, but it remained in the back of my mind as one of my favorite houses.

And…Fast Forward

Fast forward to this past week and again there is a For Sale sign in the yard of the Little House!! My Little House!! My favorite Little House!! I found out that the reason it was on the market again so soon was sadly due to the death of the owner. I hurried home and talked to The Husband, called the agent and made an appointment to see the interior.

Knowing that houses are moving very fast in this particular neighborhood and bidding wars are not uncommon, we rapidly made the decision to put in an offer. All of this within less than 24 hours of the listing hitting the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It was open for offers for just 24 hours and then the agent met with the client to review offers and determine which would be accepted.

And Then We Waited

It was hard to concentrate yesterday as we waited to hear the final verdict. We  knew that we were in the middle of a bidding war. I tried not to get my hopes up too high. Last night as we had just climbed in the car, the phone rang.

The Husband answers and puts it on speaker seeing it’s from the agent for Little House. Still knowing this could go either way we look at each other as he says “Hello?” The agent says, “Hi, could you do something for me?” The Husband says, “sure, what’s that?” Agent replies, “could you go ahead and deposit that earnest money check? You are the new owners of Little House!!!”

It’s OURS!!!

Oh my word!! It’s ours!! Even though we don’t plan to live in it immediately I’m still very excited knowing that Little House will be my forever home. When we are ready to reduce the amount of miles we travel each year and no longer be full-time RVer’s, Little House is where we’ll have roots. It’s comfortable, it’s solid, it’s homey and it has it’s own little personality. It is the perfect choice for us!

Now to find the perfect renters who will appreciate Little House until we’re ready to quit the full-time RV life!



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