Boxes Boxes Everywhere! Move In Time!

image of the view from my front porch

Boxes Boxes Everywhere! Move In Time!

In 97 degree heat with a smoky haze over the city, our Saturday started with boxes boxes everywhere!! Yes, it’s finally move in time! Hello, Little House, we’re ready to make you our home. The original plan of moving in on the 1st had to be pushed out a few days after we saw the condition of the house.  Not a chance I was moving into that!! Thank you renters!! (Note sarcasm here!!) Quick calls were made to find and schedule house cleaners and plans were revised to include a few more days of couch surfing at the kids’ house. Yup, still homeless!!

5 Days Later It’s Finally Clean Enough!

By the 5th, Little House was sufficiently cleaned to allow the move in process to proceed. The Husband had almost single handedly emptied the storage shed into our garage. Can I just say how happy I am that therapy has given him back almost 100% usage of his shoulder after his accident last spring? Trying to do this move without his help would have been a nightmare.

Already Little House feels like home. We have a bed (on the floor since we have to buy a new bed frame). That’s the  sum total of our “furniture” at this point. That and two lawn chairs that we have in the dining room.

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Furniture delivery had to be postponed by a week after discovering that the house was in no condition for furniture. However, even with that, it already feels “like home.” The Husband and I have both commented numerous times how strange it is to have it feel so comfortable when we aren’t even “in” or settled yet.

image of our furniture at the moment boxes boxes everywhere move in time
The sum total of our furniture and yet it feels like home.
image of bed on floor boxes boxes everywhere move in time
Camping on the floor until we get a new bed frame.
image of Kitchen Chaos boxes boxes everywhere move in time
Total Kitchen Chaos At This Point

The Cool “Finds” In Older Homes

Little House was built in 1925 so it’s closing in on the century mark. Old houses have some of the coolest things no longer found in current construction. Example: a laundry chute!! I have a laundry chute in my hallway closet. I just throw the dirty laundry down the chute and then go to the basement and load it in the washer. My youngest grandson asked, “why didn’t they just build it right over the washer so it would empty directly into the washer??” Kids do come up with some of the best ideas, however, laundry still needs to be sorted so directly into the washer may not  work well.

Another cool feature is ‘built in’ ironing boards. Mine will be needing a new cover but with that exception it’s totally functional almost 100 years after it was installed.

image of old built in ironing board boxes boxes everywhere move in time
Cool old built ins like this ironing board

Heating Options Have Evolved And Become More Energy Efficient

Little House was originally heated by coal as evidenced by the closed off coal chute in the basement. A funky old dial from the coal heat days remains in one of the doorjambs and adds personality to Little House. The Holland Vaporaire was a huge forced air coal furnace. There is also evidence that it was later converted to oil heat. Recently it was upgraded to a high efficiency forced air gas furnace. The fireplace was also updated from wood burning to gas. While we enjoy the efficiency of the upgrades, it’s fun to see some remains of the changes that have taken place in this house over the years.

image of old dial from coal heating days boxes boxes everywhere move in time
Cool old dial left over from the coal heating era of Little House

The Ever Growing “List

The to-do list and the shopping list continue to grow as we start the unpacking and organizing. One shower was all it took for me to add “new shower head” to the shopping list. Shelving that needs to be added or repositioned. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that need new batteries. An old style door knob on the bathroom that needs to be changed out to alleviate any of the littles locking themselves in there when visiting. Slides that need to be installed in some kitchen cupboards to make them more user friendly. Ceiling fans needed for living room and master bedroom. And while that’s just what I added to the list this morning, The Husband has another entire list of his own.  I see a trip to IKEA in our immediate future.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure called LIFE! We enjoy your comments, questions and input. Feel free to comment in the comments section below or subscribe so you don’t miss any posts.

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