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It’s Countdown Time Until Mother’s Day

image of it's countdown to mother's day

It’s Countdown Time Until Mother’s Day Today as this is posting the countdown until Mother’s Day is 18 days. What are your family traditions for this day? In the U.S. we celebrate Mother’s Day the 2nd Sunday in May. In the U.K.,  Brazil, Germany,  Japan,  Australia, Peru, France and Ethiopia this holiday is called Mothering Day […]


Three “Issues” Full-time RV’ers Face

image of boy and puppy

Three “Issues” Full-time RV’ers Face Let’s address three of the RV  “issues” experienced by full-timers. They are not necessarily good issues or bad issues. Just “different” issues. If you have been accustomed to living in a stick built house then there are a few things that will be handled differently once you start your life […]


Spring Training Cactus League Baseball for the RV Travelers

image of Gary at spring training cactus league peoria az

RV Travelers at Spring Training Cactus League Baseball A huge perk of being RV Travelers is getting to attend Spring Training Cactus League Baseball.  Being a Seattle Mariners fan since day one, I enjoy the sport.  Baseball is my favorite sport of all.  I played it when I was a kid.  I was a pretty […]


Gratefulness! The Most Important Thing! How Often Do We Forget?

image of gratitude picture

Gratefulness! The Most Important Thing! How Often Do We Forget? I had made a commitment to list 5 of my gratitudes at the end of each blog post throughout the month of March. Whoops!! Guess who forgot to do that on the March 15th post?? Yeah, that would be ME!! The month is only half […]


Are You an OLD Rocker Too, Part 2.

image of John Lennon give peace a chance

Protest Songs Yes Because Our Country Was Violently Changing. Protest songs changed rock and roll and carry my most vivid memories of music of the 1960’s.  Eve of Destruction was haunting due to the cold war and start of VietNam.  “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” was a protest song and “We Shall Overcome” was […]


Are You an OLD Rocker Too? I Still Am!

image of guitar

Are You an OLD Rocker too? Are you an old rocker?  I love the rock and roll music of the 1960’s.  Loud, fast, hard driving and memorable.  The first LP I owned was Cream – Crossroads.  Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker were amazing. Just about wore it out on the turntable.  I turned on the […]


Adulting ~ Suddenly You Are On Your Own!

image of kitchen

Adulting ~ Suddenly You Are On Your Own Suddenly you are out of school and on your own. How much did you really know about adulting at that point? Totally Unprepared ~ A Description That Fit Me! I was totally unprepared for the adult world. I graduated high school at 17 and moved out of […]


The Bottom Of The Washer? Wow, Some Bizarre Things!

image of washer and dryer

The Bottom Of The Washer? Such bizarre things to be found!! What bizarre things have you found in your laundry? I’m the mother of 2 daughters and 2 sons, 5 granddaughters and 5 grandsons. In the role of mother and grandmother I’ve done  thousands of loads of laundry. My rule is, “if you are over […]


Your Elderly Parents Are Moving To Assisted Living?

image of hospital emergency entrance

What Is The “Best” Way To Help Elderly Parents With The Move To Assisted Living? Is there a best way to help your parents prepare to move into Assisted Living? This has been a topic of conversation more recently in so many circles. How to best help them downsize in anticipation of that move? At the […]


Gratitude And Appreciation

family on pier

Gratitude And Appreciation I started to write this article on gratitude and appreciation. I got about 3 paragraphs into it and then realized.. ..what am I doing?? I’m so often guilty of not being appreciative enough. Complaining about some little inconsequential thing in life. You know, things like the internet is slow today. The ATM […]

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