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Old Cars and New Cars or “Hang on Henrietta!”

image of the Auburn

Old Cars and New Cars, What a Difference. As we travel in our RV we see old cars and new cars and what a difference.  Since I’m the ripe old age of 63 now and have messed with some antiques and some classics and a couple of new vehicles, I’ll give you my insight.  Headlights, […]


Five Things You Can’t Live Without? What Are They?

image of word coffee

What Are The Five Things You Can’t Live Without? What 5 things can’t you live without? Food, water, shelter and things like your comb and toothbrush don’t count. Think about it for a couple minutes. Can you come up with 5? Can’t be people. Has to be things. Tangible THINGS. As long as we have […]


What Are Your Sources To Get Your Information?

image of baby on laptop

What Are Your Sources To Get Your Information? Where do you get your information? All from the computer? ? Your family? It seems our computers   have become like another appendage. I’m as guilty as the next person. From the young to the old and everyone in between, we all know the computer has the […]


Cell Phone Courtesy Or The Lack Of It?

Image of man on cellphone

Cell Phone Courtesy Or The Lack Of It? Cell phone courtesy or the lack of it is an ongoing problem. I often hear complaints concerning the manners and courtesy of the younger generation. Personally, I have found that there are many courteous people exhibiting excellent manners in all age groups. Likewise, there are some discourteous, […]


That Extra Bolt, Screw Or Element??

image of oven with no bottom element

THAT EXTRA BOLT, SCREW OR ELEMENT? You know how sometimes you assemble something and you have an extra bolt or screw? Or an ELEMENT? As in a heating element. For your stove. Wouldn’t you think that when the installers took all those pieces out of the box and put the stove together that maybe they […]


His Bad Day!

image of motorcycle rider

HIS BAD DAY! It wasn’t a good day for him…that guy with the big toy hauler in the space down the street. It was a nice sunny day and it was obvious from the level of activity at his spot that he and his wife were preparing to load up and leave. They had two […]


RV Internet Issues


RV INTERNET ISSUES So many things must be handled differently once you become a full-time RV’er. One of those things is internet access. We did our research prior to moving out of our condo and into our RV full-time. The Husband is, by nature, a researcher. He weighed the pros and cons of various options. […]


Give A Man A Walkie-Talkie

image of walkie talkies

GIVE A MAN A WALKIE-TALKIE What happens when you give a man a walkie talkie?? A complete and total transformation, that’s what!! My first experience with men and walkie-talkies was several years ago when cell phones were just new on the market. Not everyone had one yet and cell minutes got expensive so they were […]


The Anxiety Of Waiting

image of white water kayaker

THE ANXIETY OF WAITING! I got a text message at 10:30 last night just as I was heading to bed. The text was from my white water kayaking, mountain climbing, extreme mountain biking, rock climbing, adult son. All it said was ….”not sure if you’ve heard anything on the news but I’m safe and done […]


Play To Your Audience

image of businessman technology

PLAY TO YOUR AUDIENCE Have you heard the expression, “Play to Your Audience?” I had, but it really didn’t mean much to me until a recent trip to the local Verizon store while we were in AZ for the winter. As most know, AZ is home to thousands and thousands of retirees escaping the cold […]

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