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We Visit The Jewish History Museum And Holocaust History Center

image of stained glass windows

A Visit To The Jewish History Museum And Holocaust History Center While in Tucson, Arizona a couple weeks back we decided to visit the Jewish History Museum and Holocaust History Center. The Husband and I had never visited a Holocaust Museum of any type. Friends forewarned it would be depressing. Putting aside the warnings, we […]


The Part Of Me That Will Hurt Forever

image of child looking out window

THE PART OF ME THAT WILL HURT FOREVER Those of us belonging to “the club” …the club we never wanted to join, all have specific times that are especially hard. The club is the bereaved mothers club. Our child died before us. Completely out of order. We were supposed to outlive our children. It’s not […]


Taking The High Road During And After Divorce


TAKING THE HIGH ROAD DURING AND AFTER DIVORCE This is not an easy one. Anyone who has been through divorce will probably agree with me on that point. After agreeing on that one point, there will be as many different opinions as there are people divorcing or divorced. I can only relate to you what […]


How Do You Show Support?

image of teddy bears hugging

HOW DO YOU SHOW SUPPORT? How do you show your support for someone? Is it different for different people? Different for friends than for your family? Different depending upon the situation? I hadn’t thought about this subject in much detail until last night. Personally, I try to be supportive in a variety of ways depending […]


Tonight My Heart Breaks For You

image of cemetery

TONIGHT MY HEART BREAKS FOR YOU! Tonight my heart breaks for you my friend. You, who, without a miracle, will lose your adult child in the very near future. There is always a chance, after all, God is still in the business of miracles. But according to the latest doctor report that chance is slim, […]

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