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It’s Countdown Time Until Mother’s Day

image of it's countdown to mother's day

It’s Countdown Time Until Mother’s Day Today as this is posting the countdown until Mother’s Day is 18 days. What are your family traditions for this day? In the U.S. we celebrate Mother’s Day the 2nd Sunday in May. In the U.K.,  Brazil, Germany,  Japan,  Australia, Peru, France and Ethiopia this holiday is called Mothering Day […]


Are You an OLD Rocker Too, Part 2.

image of John Lennon give peace a chance

Protest Songs Yes Because Our Country Was Violently Changing. Protest songs changed rock and roll and carry my most vivid memories of music of the 1960’s.  Eve of Destruction was haunting due to the cold war and start of VietNam.  “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” was a protest song and “We Shall Overcome” was […]


Who Has Your Personal Information Online Genealogy?

image credit card | to steal your personal identify?

Who Has Your Personal Information Online? So who has your Personal Information Online?  It turns out that it is almost everywhere.  What about your genealogy or identity theft? I found a website that has search information from many public sources.  It had my information including my year of birth and over 15 of my […]


Have You Experienced Hair Disasters?

image of salon hopefully no hair disasters here

Have You Experienced Hair Disasters? Have you experienced hair disasters? Maybe grabbed the wrong color when planning a ?  Then not realized it until you had already dyed your hair!  That moment when you take off the towel, look in the mirror and yikes!! Flaming orange! Not red but orange! Not just a little orange..ish! […]


Life In A Two Room Schoolhouse

LIFE IN A TWO ROOM SCHOOLHOUSE Until the age of 13 I attended a two room schoolhouse. I knew larger schools existed as I’d seen the “town” school from the outside but my reality was two rooms. Strict adherence to the age cut-off didn’t exist back then so I was allowed to start 1st grade […]


The Part Of Me That Will Hurt Forever

image of child looking out window

THE PART OF ME THAT WILL HURT FOREVER Those of us belonging to “the club” …the club we never wanted to join, all have specific times that are especially hard. The club is the bereaved mothers club. Our child died before us. Completely out of order. We were supposed to outlive our children. It’s not […]


Our Amazing Brains

image of brain

OUR AMAZING BRAINS It was a Saturday and the start of a 3 day weekend. I awoke with a screaming migraine headache. The migraine wasn’t that uncommon. In my family headaches seem to be, for the female members, synonymous with monthly periods. Some months they became migraines so severe that I couldn’t tolerate noise, light […]


The Blended Family Conundrum

Yours, mine, ours??

THE BLENDED FAMILY CONUNDRUM How do you adjust to being part of a ? I’ve heard all the various ways to bring families together when the children involved are exactly that…children! However, the scenario  when all the children are grown adults is quite another matter. The Husband raised two children with his first wife while […]


An Introvert Among The Talkers


AN INTROVERT AMONG THE TALKERS I’m an introvert! It has taken me many years to accept that “diagnosis” but it’s true! I’m a true blue introvert living amongst the talkers. I’m married to an extrovert. They say opposites attract and apparently that’s true. Tonight as I watched the sunset fade and the night sky come […]


People Watching ~ Trying To Turn Back The Clock

image of coffee shop

PEOPLE WATCHING – TRYING TO TURN BACK THE CLOCK Do you ever “people watch”? It’s really pretty entertaining. Grab a cup of coffee or tea at a coffee shop and just observe the other clientele while enjoying your drink. While having a cup of coffee yesterday in Coeur d’Alene, ID we had an interesting chance […]

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