Christmas Ideas For The Grandkids

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Christmas is getting close and once again I’m asking the parents for Christmas ideas for the grandkids. The kids old enough to have their own phone have received text messages from Grandma and Grandpa asking them directly for ideas.

Christmas giving has changed drastically over my lifetime. When I was a kid gifts were typically 3 or 4 per child. From our parents we received new pajamas to be worn on Christmas Eve, one new article of clothing and maybe a toy.  My sisters and I each received a gift from our maternal uncle’s family and our maternal aunt’s family. Santa filled our stockings with nuts, candy and a cutie orange.

Our Haul In The 1950’s vs Today

Our “haul” was fairly standard in the 1950’s. Fast forward to the years I was raising my family and the “haul” of the average child had increased by probably at least double. Judging by the shopping statistics I read today, it appears to now be at least quadrupled!

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Gift options abound that will provide memories for your kids/grandkids and won’t end up in next summer’s yard sale. They also won’t clutter up the home and many will provide precious family time.

A pass to our national parks gives you entrance and day use fees into more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. Just imagine the fun you and your family could have exploring these together.

The Discover Pass for Washington State is a mere $30 and can even be purchased online for $33. It’s good for one year and for that nominal fee you can give your family the incredible gift of outdoor time exploring our wonderful state. Each state has something similar so do a google search for your state.

Many larger cities have children’s museums such as the one in Seattle, Wa. They are fun and a great learning experience for the little ones. On a rainy wintery day these are a wonderful option. A years pass enables parents or grandparents to take the children multiple times without the cost becoming a financial burden.

Is there something that your family is passionate about? A sports team that they like to follow? Are they NASCAR fans? How about gifting them tickets to an event as a family gift? Depending on your budget how about planning a family cruise? The memories to be made with a family vacation are irreplaceable. The options range from quite affordable to the very expensive. Your choice.

Time ~ The Best Give Ever!

Time is just about the best gift you can give. How about making your own gift certificates awarding the recipient child or grandchild a “date” with you? An evening of one-on-one time to take in a movie, go to dinner or just stay home with a large bowl of popcorn and Netflix of their choice? Or share some kitchen time making Christmas cookies together? Most kids love to be included in that process. You will be the memory making grandma or grandpa!


Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless and the littles won’t be little for long so grab that time now to make those memories.

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