Colors, Colors Everywhere! Hello Autumn!

image of autumn colors

Colors, Colors Everywhere! Hello Autumn!

A one word description of autumn would be COLOR! Colors everywhere I look. Beautiful colors. Hello Autumn! Life in Little House in the fall can also be described by that same word. We are surrounded by trees. Trees that are ALL turning colors. So many stunning shades and hues. Who knew that green, yellow, orange and red each have so many varieties. It’s like living in a Crayola box of 152 choices! After spending the past 3 1/2 years as a full-time RV’er living primarily in the southwest during the fall and winter months I’d forgotten how vibrant fall colors can be further north. As colors started changing here in Spokane I knew that I needed to make a trip to the Leavenworth, WA and Winton, WA area. Let me explain.

My Years Of Leavenworth And Winton Memories

For years one of my sisters taught school in the little one room school at Winton, WA. The school has since been moved but the area holds many memories for my family. Set in the mountains just off Highway 2 (Stevens Pass) the area becomes a veritable smorgasbord of colors in the fall. We reached Leavenworth on a Sunday afternoon at the end of their first weekend of Oktoberfest, a three week celebration each fall. Crowds had thinned slightly. Vendors and musicians were packing up.

image of musicians Leavenworth WA Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
After a weekend of playing polka music the musicians were packing up to head home.

Perfect Timing As The Crowds Thinned!!

Our timing was perfect. The thinning of the crowds allowed us to wander around town noting any changes since our last visit several years ago. Cafe Crista used to be my “go-to” place for lunch in years back. No more! Unfortunately, we found that it was sold about 5 years ago. We had lunch at “Bavarian Bistro & Bar” which is now housed in the space formerly occupied by Cafe Crista. Times change. While the service and food were good, I still missed Cafe Crista. Maybe that’s just because it held so many memories for me.

image of colorful planters Leavenworth WA Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
Colorful planters adorn all the lamp posts in Leavenworth WA

Color is everywhere in Leavenworth. From the decorations in store fronts celebrating Oktoberfest to the planters on the lamp posts (above)  and the colorful eclectic street performers who set up their impromptu stage on the street corners (below).

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image of street musicians Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
Street musicians and one self appointed old “dancer?”

Is This Great Location On Your Bucket List?

If you haven’t been to Leavenworth, WA yet you might want to add it to your bucket list. There’s something there for just about everyone. Check here for a list of celebrations by month. Then add in shopping, biking, hiking, skiing, golfing, snowmobiling, wine tasting and drinking in the beauty of the area! It’s a bucket list place for sure.

image of Leavenworth WA Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
Main Street of Washington’s Bavarian Village – Leavenworth WA

Bright colors make me smile so is it any wonder that the colorful storefronts of Leavenworth appeal to me?

image of Hard Row To Hoe Wines Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
Color is Everywhere!!

After checking out all the changes in town and having lunch, we headed up the canyon (Stevens Pass Highway 2) towards Winton in search of autumn colors. We were not disappointed. There were many changes to the area but the one factor that has remained the same is the colors.

Things Change But The Colors Remain

The old road that used to lead to the Winton School has been closed and a new road cut through in a different location. Neighbors have moved.  Old cabins have been abandoned. The little red one room schoolhouse has been moved and is no longer used as a school. Still the gorgeous autumn colors remain. Faithfully each year they return.

image of fall colors Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
The colors of autumn
image of cross country ski practice Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
Practicing cross country skiing in the “off” season

Old semi closed roads make a great place for the cross country ski team to practice. In the distance we saw kids, lots of kids and a few adults. Skiing? Rollerblading? We weren’t sure. As we got closer we saw they were on a short ski attached to wheels. Cross country skiers practice without snow! This seldom used old road made a great practice area for the Plain Valley Junior Nordic Team.

image of colors along Winton Rd Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
Blazing colors along Winton Road

The tree above stands beside a now abandoned cabin. While people used to live in the cabin and appreciate these beautiful colors on a daily basis, the tree is largely unseen now but for a few workers from the nearby lumber mill and the occasional passerby (like us) in search of colorful photos.

Color Lines The Highway At Every Turn

image of leaves on the banks of Wenatchee River Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
Color everywhere along the banks of the Wenatchee River

Unfortunately there are very few safe places to pull off the road on Hwy 2 (Stevens Pass Highway). While there is no shortage of photo opportunities it’s nearly impossible to get clear photos while traveling. Pull outs are few and far between and rarely near the best opportunity for stellar photos.

image of color among burned out trees Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
Despite the devastations of recent forest fires, the vibrant colors of autumn come back.

This area has suffered horrific loss of timber due to forest fires over recent years. Despite the devastating damage done, the colors of autumn decorate the forest.

image of color in spokane neighborhood Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
In our own neighborhood colors popping everywhere!

As we returned home I couldn’t resist a few photos of the vibrant colors in our own neighborhood. Spokane, like the Leavenworth and Winton area, has no shortage of beautiful fall colors. Wherever you live, take a walk. What are the colors near your home this time of year? Is it autumn in your part of the world also? Or maybe you are celebrating spring as we are celebrating fall?   Whatever season you are in, celebrate the unique beauty of it.

image of bright red bush in spokane neighborhood Colors Colors Everywhere Hello Autumn
Nature’s vibrant colors!

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