Compassion Is The Missing Element



Compassion. It’s something I’ve noticed is the missing element in many scenarios. Young, busy mothers come to mind as a place where more compassion and grace is needed and often not provided. Let’s all give young mothers a break. Maybe even offer them a high five for the tough job that they are doing.

Remember, they are the ones who go for days on end with little or no sleep as they are up with newborns. Up with sick babies, the nightmares of the little ones,  potty accidents, up with …WHATEVER!! They literally go, not just days, not just months, but YEARS with multiple nights of broken sleep or very minimal sleep.

They are then expected to be able to function the next day and do it with a smile on their face! Expected to take care of those babies, fix nutritious meals, go to outside jobs, run businesses, clean their houses, keep up on the laundry, all while what they are begging for is a nap! Just even a 1/2 hour nap would mean so much.

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Babies Never Seem To Nap At The Same Time

But those babies never all nap at the same time, those sick little ones need Momma to love them through their illness, that job or business still places daily demands on Mommy even though she was up all night and meals still must be cooked and that damn floor is disgusting so it must be mopped before the baby literally sticks to it while crawling.

So you…that person that snapped at the sick 3 yr old when she coughed on her way into the doctor office with a temperature of 103 degrees….you who rudely said, “stay away from me with your germs little girl”….could you not muster up a bit of compassion for this tiny child who is so ill at the moment and her very tired Mommy who was up all night with her and is on her way into the doctor office to see why her baby is so sick?

Try To Put Yourself In Their Shoes And Extend Some Compassion

I understand that you may have health issues of your own, maybe you have a compromised immune system or some other reason that makes you fearful of being near anyone who is sick. But get over yourself for a couple of minutes!

Try to think about this exhausted Momma trying her best to take good care of her baby. Try to think of this tiny little girl whose feelings you so carelessly hurt, making her feel an outcast simply because she was ill, through no fault of her own.

Could you not extend them some compassion? Possibly cross the street and walk on the other side if you were afraid of getting germs from them? Maybe seat yourself at the opposite side of the waiting room? Try to show some compassion for the suffering of this child?  Extend some grace to both this little child and her Mommy?

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