Cooking Just Became Fun Again!

image of home baked banana bread and muffins

Cooking Just Became Fun Again!

This past week of house sitting has spoiled me! Cooking has suddenly become fun again. A spacious oven was all it took. Pure happiness cooking in a full size range.  Oh my word! What a difference!

Luxury, thy name is a Spacious Oven!!

After 3 1/2 years of cooking in our RV oven (which measured only slightly larger than the average bread pan) I’d forgotten just how much space is in the typical residential oven. Preparing for the family to return from vacation, I spent some time baking. Two loaves of banana bread and a double batch of muffins. The ability to put two bread pans in the oven at the same time? Wow, pure luxury! Immediately following that I was able to fit TWO, yes TWO, muffin pans side by side in the oven. Whip them up, throw them in the oven and done! Two dozen muffins in a flash. Amazing how much faster this project was when I had the luxury of a spacious oven!!

image of banana bread cooking just became fun again
Banana Bread – warm from the oven! Yummy!

By RV standards our oven was actually deemed “large”??? While we were full-timing it worked. I would be first to admit, however,  that I didn’t do nearly as much cooking and/or baking from scratch while we lived in the RV. The tiny kitchen with very little room to work topped off by the tiny oven limited some of my options and definitely lessened my desire to be in the kitchen.

Luxury is a spacious oven! Oh my word! What a difference! #nomoreRVoven #homecooking… Click To Tweet

House sitting this week has reignited my interest and makes me look forward to being a bit more creatively involved in the kitchen when we get moved into Little House.

Restaurant Food Gets Old Fast

Over the past month as we’ve been packing up for our move we have eaten in restaurants more than usual just for the convenience. Nothing like a month of restaurant meals to whet your appetite for some home cooking! The Husband has already let me know that he wants a Traeger as soon as we are moved. He gets his Traeger and I get a full size kitchen. Our culinary options are expanding.

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image of The Husband eating banana bread cooking just became fun again
The Husband sampling a slice of fresh banana bread topped with butter.

A Fun Freebie From Us To You!

The bread and the muffins I made today are favorites of my family (especially the grandkids!!) I’m sharing these two family favorites with our subscribers today. Those who are already subscribers will get a letter including the recipes.  Not yet a subscriber? We’d love to share these with you. Hit the subscribe button below,  sign up and we’ll get them on their way to you.

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