It’s Countdown Time Until Mother’s Day

image of it's countdown to mother's day

It’s Countdown Time Until Mother’s Day

Today as this is posting the countdown until Mother’s Day is 18 days. What are your family traditions for this day? In the U.S. we celebrate Mother’s Day the 2nd Sunday in May. In the U.K.,  Brazil, Germany,  Japan,  Australia, Peru, France and Ethiopia this holiday is called Mothering Day and is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent. Although the specific day to celebrate may be different and the method of celebration varied, nearly every country recognizes a day to honor motherhood.

The emotions of this day cover the euphoric joy of the first time mother to the despair of the woman unable to conceive and everything in between. For those who want to be mothers and are unable to conceive, my prayers are with you today. To those who are experiencing this day for the very first time it makes me smile. To think of you snuggling your little one while hopefully your partner is doing everything possible to make this day incredibly special for you.

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Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants and flower shops. Honoring Mom by taking her out to dinner and surprising her with a lovely bouquet is a favorite of many.

My Personal Favorites

My personal favorites were always the hand picked bouquets of flowers mixed with a few colorful weeds that were clutched tightly in a chubby fist.  A smiling little one said, “here Mommy, Happy Mother’s Day, I picked these for you.” Life just doesn’t get any better than that.  Handmade cards drawn in crayon with stick figures depicting “me and Mommy” that would grace the refrigerator for weeks and then were packed away because I just couldn’t bear to throw them out.

The Best Gig Ever!

Being a Mom was always my favorite gig and now being a Grandma is every bit as much fun. Helping the grandkids with projects to honor their mothers on Mother’s Day is a new kind of joy.  Borrowing the kids for an afternoon gives their mothers a two fold gift. The mothers get a free afternoon while I “help” the littles with their secret gifts for Mom and then the mothers get the added bonus of receiving the gift the littles have created.

image of canvas mother's day art
We (heart) U Mom! Littles creation for their Mom!

Maybe this year take a minute and see who has a tough time with Mother’s Day and do something to make it a joyful day for them. Is there a grandmother you know who is living far from her family? A mother who has experienced the death of her child? Maybe a card or a flower from you letting them know that you recognize this may be a tough day for them would help.

image of baby jeff countdown to mother's day
The little man who made me a mom ~ my firstborn son.

Is There A Child You Could Help With Their Gift?

Is there a child or children that won’t have a family member to help them create something special for their mother? Could you make a date with them to spend a few hours assisting their creative endeavors to honor their mother?

It’s fun to receive Mother’s Day gifts and to know that we are appreciated by our children. However,  it’s even more fun to help make it a great day for someone else. I know the pain of those who are missing children that have gone on before us whether through death or miscarriage. In their honor and in memory of the time we had with them, let’s do all we can to help someone have a good Mother’s Day this year. Let’s celebrate!

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