Does Driving At A Snail’s Pace Cause Accidents?

image of fire truck at accident scene


How does one get into a traffic accident when you drive under 25 mph?? I’ve yet to figure that one out. The little town we’re in this summer in northeastern WA state has a total population of approximately 3100. The maximum speed limit I’ve seen in this town is 25 mph and I’ve yet to see a single person who exceeds that limit. In fact, the majority of the population doesn’t drive over about 19 mph.

It’s enough to make you crazy!! When you are trying to get out of town and onto the state highway it can take twice the normal time simply because every single person drives UNDER the speed limit!! And I do mean Every. Single. Person.

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How Is An Accident Even Possible At These Speeds?

So it has become somewhat of a joke between The Husband and I that someone at some point must have put the fear of God into the drivers in this town causing them to be  fearful of going even one mile over the limit.

However, tonight as we drive into town (at the typical 19 mph since that’s the speed of the person in front of us!!) we see…are you ready for this?? An ACCIDENT!! Someone actually got into an accident. At 25 mph or under I fail to see how that is even possible. You should have had plenty of time to stop, swerve, honk or all of the above.

No, there are definitely dents in the vehicles, glass in the road and a fire truck! Every neighbor in a 3 block area is standing in their lawn or the street watching the commotion. As I sit here completely dumbstruck that this accident even happened here are a few pictures I snapped as we circumvented the accident scene on our way home. Wondering if this is the norm for this small town and that’s the reason for the 25 mph maximum speed throughout the city limits?? image of fire truck at accident scene



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