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At what point does your car cease to be a car made of metal and become a duct tape creation?

While in a mall parking lot in Idaho recently I noticed a station wagon with the entire right front quarter panel constructed of duct tape. Pulling out of my parking space I glanced at the rear of that same car and noticed that the right rear quarter panel was also constructed entirely of duct tape. I guess this is a testament to, not only the many uses for duct tape, but also it’s strength.

It does make one wonder if this is a reflection of the current state of our economy where the poor continue to get poorer and the very rich get much much richer. According to statistics cited in this article from the Insurance Information Institute, 6.7% of drivers in Idaho are uninsured.  Seeing cars like “duct tape mobile” make me wonder if this driver did not have the finances to repair his car and or no insurance to cover the repairs.

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And Also While In Idaho A Different Day…

A couple weeks ago, again while driving in Idaho, an uninsured driver backed out of her driveway without looking and backed directly into the right rear fender well and right rear tire of my truck as I drove past on the street. Her car was older and filled with rust. The impact damaged my truck to the tune of $1800.00 but since her car was so infected with rust, her entire rear bumper fell to the ground revealing the rust and corrosion underneath.

Thankfully, we have uninsured motorist coverage because this woman had no insurance at all. The real kicker in this one was when I received a phone call from her the evening after the accident asking when my insurance company was going to come out and get her car fixed because she was unable to move it in it’s current state. Excuse me?? My insurance company will likely be contacting you but it will be to attempt to collect for the damages done to my truck. The accident was your fault and therefore they won’t be paying for any of your damages! That concept was lost on her.

A Couple Issues Come To Mind

These two incidents bring several subjects to mind for me..1) our economy and those who are struggling just to bring enough money into the home to pay rent and food and have no money for other necessities like insurance  2) our increased insurance premiums caused by those who have no insurance  3) a lack of basic life skills like situations when a 40+ yr old woman doesn’t understand the ins and outs of what auto insurance will or won’t cover and why.

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We all need to take the time to educate our children and grandchildren.  Not only about how to drive a vehicle, but also about the need to be insured and how that insurance works. They need to know what insurance will and won’t pay for.  How much it costs. What kind they need. They need to budget their funds if they own a vehicle  so they can also afford the insurance.

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