Early Mexico Morning

image of beach sunset and skyline

Early Mexico Morning

It’s an early Mexico morning. The sun is just coming over the horizon, the partiers from last night are still sleeping, one solitary figure, a daddy walks, with his little girl on his shoulders, lazily down the beach. She is chattering away to her daddy. He can vaguely be heard in low tones answering her many questions, responding to her comments. He, passing on his love of the water and sand. Stopping now and then to show her something interesting he finds in the sand. He stoops down so she can see his “find” while still riding on his shoulders.

It's an early Mexico morning. The sun is just coming over the horizon, the partiers from last… Click To Tweet

A lone guard stands by the pool. His job in a few hours will be infinitely more difficult as the pool fills with a mix of college kids here on spring break, retirees enjoying the winter in warmer climes, families with little ones on vacation. There is no lifeguard, just this “guard” whose job is apparently to make sure some basic order is kept. A few very loud birds can be heard bossing the world, a lone seagull dives low in front of our deck and continues on his way. A lone walker in a red hat appears as the tide continues it’s lazy retreat and the reefs previously hidden come into view.

Poverty Isn’t Visible From This Distance

The poverty of the town across the bay isn’t visible from this distance. It merely looks like any other good sized city starting to wake up for the day.  Fishing boats getting ready to leave the harbor in search of their days catch.

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In a couple hours the beach will be alive with vendors pushing their carts full of merchandise. There will be swimsuit clad bodies seeking sun and water, joggers, walkers and general sun lovers. For now it’s the definition of peace and beauty. Waves lapping up on the shore, birds diving low to nab a fish for breakfast. My blanket, sweatshirt and coffee round out the perfect morning. Good Morning Mexico!!

image of sun and sand on mexican beach early mexico morning www.happyhour786.com
Enjoying the sun and sand of the Mexico beaches!


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