Embracing Life’s Changes! Nothing Ever Stays The Same.

Our RV parked in Cheney

Embracing life’s changes! Nothing ever stays the same.

Life’s about changes nothing ever stays the same. Isn’t that how the lyrics of the Patty Loveless song go? It might sound cliche but only because it’s true. Good, bad, planned, unplanned, change is a fact of everyones lives. Changes are on the horizon for The Husband and I. After 3 1/2 years as full-time RV’ers we’ve had the opportunity to examine how we travel. What we like and don’t like as well as what works or doesn’t work for us. We’ve gone through one winter in northeastern Washington, one winter in southern Utah/southern Arizona and one winter in southern Arizona.

RV Life In Sub Zer0 Temperatures? No Thanks!

RV living during northeastern Washington winters isn’t fun. It is doable and there are people who do it every year (hats off to them, they are hardier souls than I.) However, being retired we have the option to choose where we want to park and following the sunshine when living in an RV makes life considerably more comfortable. Snow and temperatures dipping below 0° Fahrenheit make it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the RV. Life in southern Arizona in the winter is absolute perfection temperature wise. Taking the RV from WA to AZ means we need to leave WA no later than early November to alleviate pulling this beast through mountain passes in possible snowstorms. In the spring we’re faced with the same problem. Pulling the RV north any earlier than late March or early April and we face the possibility of snow covered mountain passes again.

image of winter in southern arizona embracing life's changes nothing ever stays the same www.happyhour786.com
This is winter in southern Arizona!

Family Trumps Everything Else!

November to April in Arizona works well for many but that’s half the year that we are a long way from our kids and grandkids. That’s a lot of their life events we miss. The Husband and I are both family people and half of each year without our family just isn’t us. We don’t want to miss out on all the “growing up” years of our grandkids.

image of RV park in Cheney WA embracing life's changes nothing ever stays the same www.happyhour786.com
This is our current life and current parking spot. Life’s about changes and choices.

So….all that to say, the decision has been made to sell the RV. Oh, we’ll still travel. In fact, we may even get to travel more.  We just won’t be limited by weather constraints or limitations imposed due to the size of our RV. As I’ve mentioned before, many parks in the U.S. were developed years before RVs became so large and luxurious and those parks haven’t been enlarged or updated over the years. While I relish the peace and quiet of boon docking locations, the boon docking lifestyle? Yeah, it just isn’t somewhere I want to go again. As in, been there, done that. Many years of tent camping with littles in the boonies was great fun in my 20’s and 30’s. That was then. This is now. image of our truck and trailer embracing life's changes nothing ever stays the same www.happyhour786.com While I relish the peace and quiet of boon docking locations, the boon docking lifestyle isn't… Click To Tweet

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Many many future travel plans on the horizon!

Our current plan is to sell the RV and our current truck. No need for such a large, heavy duty truck once we aren’t towing our 38′ house across the country (although The Husband does really really love this truck!!) We’ll move into the little stick built house we bought last year in Spokane, Washington. That will be our base. Plans are in the works to travel to a wider variety of locations in the upcoming months and years. The good news is that means we’ll have even more experiences and travel stories to share here with you on the blog. Hopefully you’ll continue to follow us and share us with your friends and family as we embark on these new adventures and embrace life’s changes.

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    • michelle staples
    • June 23, 2017

    I’m faced with a similar choice. This winter, for me, was not pleasant even though spent in the southwest. My “extreme lite” 30ft. 5er was recommended to me as the perfect rig for a beginner and I bought it. But it was not rugged enough for cold weather and I went through WAY too much propane (usually switching tanks at 3am) and still froze. Also, besides walking the dog, I was either inside reading or driving. I’m staying with my son and his family and I love having the time with my grands, especially the 5 yr old who is changing right before my eyes. I have 5 grands total in the area.
    This is not a place I could live permanently but staying here is giving me some space to figure out what I want to do.
    My truck, Bruce, is wonderful — a 3/4T 4×4 diesel crew cab GMC — perfect for hauling the trailer but a fuel hog. I’m beginning to understand MY environment impact on the world by driving him every day.
    On the other hand, I am a gypsy by nature and do not settle well in one place for very long. I’m not the type to buy a house and stay in it for my whole life.
    Therein lies the dilemma. I’m turning 70 in the fall, traveling alone with my dog, and found much of my 12000 mile trip stressful. Truth be told, if I had perched in one area, like so many snowbirds or seasonal campers do, it might not have been as stressful, but then I wasn’t interested in staying in one place. I might try that this year …. or I might sell and travel to somewhere like Portugal for the winter. Who knows.

      • NoniKay
      • June 23, 2017

      Thanks for your comments. I’d love to hear more from you as your decisions for the future progress. There are so many factors that come into play when making these decisions!! I applaud you for doing this on your own thus far. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t tackle the full-time RV lifestyle if we weren’t doing it as a couple. I got a good dose of trying to do it all myself after The Husband dislocated his shoulder earlier this spring and it wasn’t fun!! Hope to hear from you again.

    • Patty Langfitt
    • June 23, 2017

    Good luck selling your RV and truck. Yes, life is always full of changes. Hugs.

      • NoniKay
      • June 23, 2017

      Thanks Patty and thanks for following us. We appreciate the support and loyalty of our friends with our blog.

  1. Reply

    Oi, the only constant in life is change. We are currently struggling with the balance of travel time vs. family time. However our children all live in an area we don’t want to be in! We’ve been on the road three months and currently have no plans to stop, but we have some minimal furnishings in storage just in case we do find a place to land. Keeping future plans open is something I believe all RVers can relate to! Peace & Love, Joy

      • NoniKay
      • June 25, 2017

      Thanks so much for your comments. I think you are right, that we all have open-ended future plans. Things are changing in our lives so fast right now. Stay tuned. More on Monday’s blog post about the changes in just the past couple days!! Hope to hear from you again.

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