Have You Experienced Hair Disasters?

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Have You Experienced Hair Disasters?

Have you experienced hair disasters? Maybe grabbed the wrong color when planning a DIY  dye job?  Then not realized it until you had already dyed your hair!  That moment when you take off the towel, look in the mirror and yikes!! Flaming orange! Not red but orange! Not just a little orange..ish! Oh no, it’s that highway construction cone orange! The glow in the dark, can’t be missed color of orange.

Two ways to fix that one! Grab a stocking hat (even if it’s 98 degrees outside) and sunglasses. Make a quick trip to the drugstore, grab the correct color and head home to have a do over! Second option is to slink into your hairdresser (again heavily disguised) and beg for mercy and an immediate appointment to get this disaster corrected.

My Personal Favorite

My personal favorite hair disaster happened quite some years ago. I used a spray on product intended to give highlights to my hair. Spray it on your hair and then with exposure to the sun it would create highlights.

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Several weeks after applying that particular product to my hair, I went to my hairdresser for a perm. She had given me perms before and they had turned out fine. This time as she unrolled the perm rods I saw a look of horror come over her face and our conversation came to an abrupt halt. I asked, “what’s wrong?” She replied, “I have no idea, it’s like your hair is melting.”  Cringing as she continued removing perm rods, with them came my hair. Clumps upon clumps falling out into her hand.

My hairdresser was nearly in tears and apologized profusely even though it wasn’t her fault. It was my fault for not mentioning to her that I had used that particular product on my hair weeks prior. The “fix” that day was a very very short haircut for me. We did look for the ingredient list on the product I’d used to see what caused the chemical reaction that melted my hair. The ingredients weren’t listed. Hmmm, guess that should have been something I checked before I blissfully used that product on my hair huh??

Funny now but at the time of the orange hair crisis or the melting hair crisis, not so funny!!

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