That Extra Bolt, Screw Or Element??

image of oven with no bottom element


You know how sometimes you assemble something and you have an extra bolt or screw? Or an ELEMENT? As in a heating element. For your stove. Wouldn’t you think that when the installers took all those pieces out of the box and put the stove together that maybe they should have noticed there was no heating element?

The Husband and I were invited to share Thanksgiving dinner with some long time friends who live in the same RV Park as us. They recently completed construction on their beautiful new park model with attached Arizona room. They’ve only lived in it for a couple of weeks and Thanksgiving dinner was initiation time for the kitchen. Dinner for seven!! Not just any dinner but Thanksgiving dinner complete with a 12 lb turkey and all the side dishes.

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image of dinner table that extra bolt screw or element

We’d planned to eat at 5:00. The turkey was the type with an internal thermometer and at 5:00 it still hadn’t popped up. Thinking it may be a malfunctioning thermometer we tested it with a manual one and found it not yet at the appropriate internal temperature. Not a problem. Pour another glass of wine and relax while the turkey cooks a bit longer. 5:45 came and we took the turkey out, made the gravy and got the last of the side dishes warmed up and ready to go.

Carving The Turkey

Turkey carving started but what was this?? The breast (all the white meat) was done but from the legs on down the turkey wasn’t fully cooked. This was only a 12 lb turkey and had now been in the oven over an hour longer than specified by the cookbooks for a turkey of that size.

We had enough white meat for dinner to proceed as planned so the turkey was popped back in the oven while we ate. The dinner was delicious, company superb and no one seemed to miss the dark meat.

The turkey was given another hour and a half in the oven and then once again removed. Still the bottom portion of the turkey wasn’t cooked through but by now the top portion was becoming potential shoe leather.

A close examination of the oven by our friends revealed that their new stove was missing a bottom element! As in nothing on the bottom of the stove!! Now I realize that some of the newer stoves don’t have a bottom element but rather have vents that the heat comes through. This isn’t one of those. This stove actually is apparently supposed to have a bottom and a top element. The top one is there so if you want to broil something you would be all set. But to bake something? You’re in a bit of trouble.

The lack of an element certainly didn’t put a damper on our Thanksgiving dinner. We’re so thankful for such good friends, good food and our time spent together.


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