First Winter, Full-timers, Creepy Park!

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Our first winter as full-time RV’ers found us in a creepy park! Northeastern Washington isn’t usually a destination point for RV’ers in the winter. Many RV parks aren’t even open year around due to the harsh winters. So where did we head for our first winter as fulltime RV’ers? The northeastern corner of  Washington State!! It was a new kind of learning experience! We found an RV park that was open through the winter, had 50 amp services, parking pads long enough to accommodate our 38 foot 5th wheel, and embarked on our first RV wintertime adventure.

An Indoor Pool In The Middle Of Winter

One of the drawing points of the park where we planned to stay was its indoor swimming pool. Now the thought of swimming in a heated pool, when there is snow on the ground and the temperature outside hovers in the 20’s as the daytime HIGH, is pretty sweet! The reality didn’t turn out to be quite so sweet. In fact, the reality was pretty disgusting.

image of indoor swimming pool first winter full-timers creepy park

We pulled into the park, found our spot and started to set up. First discovery was that we would be unable to use our large awning at all. Years of unmaintained trees and bushes translated to just enough space to squeeze our RV onto the pad but no space to put out the awning. Second discovery, when nighttime hit, was the absolute and total darkness that engulfed the park. Each space had a nice marker light next to the space number plaque. The problem? Well, only about 1 in 20 of those marker lights actually worked.

Third problem (in my opinion) was the park manager. Just one of those times when you can’t put your finger on the precise reason but any contact with this person made my skin crawl. Know what I mean? That’s a perfect description of how I felt every time I had to have any interaction with this person.

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Yay For The New Owners And New Management Team

Luckily for me, the park sold shortly after our arrival. The new owners sent the old manager and his entourage packing and brought in a new management team. The new team was at complete opposite ends of the spectrum from the old team. Their efficiency was topped only by their horror at the state of things at this park. First order of business was to close the indoor pool following tests which showed, due to improper maintenance, it was a toxic nightmare waiting for a place to strike.

The contents of the park store were almost all deposited in the dumpster after it was found they had expired pull dates (some by a year or more!) The park office was found to be crammed with porn, the creepy ex-manager’s choice of reading material apparently. Every inch of common space as well as the office, store area and laundromat got a long overdue cleaning and the process of renovating the park began.

We did get to make use of the indoor pool several times before we left the park in the spring. By that time it had been completely renovated and reopened for use. Improvements at the time we left were still ongoing but progressing rapidly.

We continue to do our research on each park before booking a spot there and we get recommendations from friends and other RV’ers we meet, however, we learned that not all deficits show up in those pretty online photos. As with most things, buyer beware!

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