Five Things You Can’t Live Without? What Are They?

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What Are The Five Things You Can’t Live Without?

What 5 things can’t you live without? Food, water, shelter and things like your comb and toothbrush don’t count. Think about it for a couple minutes. Can you come up with 5? Can’t be people. Has to be things. Tangible THINGS. As long as we have food, water and shelter most of the other “things” in our lives could actually be eliminated if necessary.

We might not like it very much and we might feel quite inconvenienced but we wouldn’t die without those “things.” I had to think pretty hard to come up with 5 things that I truly don’t want to have to live without.

Here Are My Five!

1 ) Air conditioning. Yes, I’m a first class wimp when it gets too hot. Outdoors I’m good up to about 80-85 and after that I want to  be in a pool or lake somewhere to stay cool and comfortable. Indoors? That’s another story. If it’s climbing close to the 75-76 degree mark I’m ready to turn on the a/c. So a/c wins the first place on my list of 5.

2) My coffee pot. I love coffee. Maybe it’s the Norwegian in my blood or maybe it’s just that my veins are filled with coffee instead of blood. Either way. I love love love coffee and so my coffee pot rates #2 on my “can’t live without it” list.

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Nothing compares to a good cup of coffee!!

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3) My Kitchen Aid mixer. I waited many years and burned up many little cheapie hand mixers before I married into a Kitchen Aid. It travels everywhere with us and I intend to have it as long as it’s functional.

image of hand held mixer 5 things you can't live without
I burned up SO many of these little hand held mixers!

4) A trustworthy vehicle. As you probably know by now if you’ve read any of my previous posts, I’m at least 1/2 gypsy. It really does start to make me nuts if I have to stay in the same place for too long. So a reliable vehicle rates quite high on my list of things I can’t live without.

5) Writing materials. Whether it’s a computer or paper and pen, I don’t go very long without writing. Whether it’s a blog post, a shopping list or just doodling, it’s a pretty consistent part of my life.

image of writing materials 5 things you can't live without
Writing materials feel like an old friend.

And The One That Didn’t Make The List

If there was a #6 involved here it would have to be my sewing machine. While I may go months on end without touching it, it’s really handy to have when I need or want to sew something. But I limited this post to 5 things so the poor sewing machine didn’t make the cut this time.

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