Fizzy Water On My Foot? From Our RV Toilet? Noooo!


It was 2:00 a.m. and I woke up needing to use the bathroom. Quietly I got up, used the bathroom, flushed. Instantly I became wide awake as WATER SPRAYED ALL OVER MY FOOT!! It was dark with only the night light illuminating the room. I reached for the light switch as all pretense of quiet evaporated.

The Husband was instantly woken up by me freaking out, exclaiming loudly, “WTH??”  “There is water on the floor and my foot just got sprayed when I flushed the toilet!!!” The cause, it was later learned,  was due to an excess of water pressure in the RV toilet bowl. When flushed, the water literally spun up and over the top of the bowl and onto the floor.

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So let me give you the back story to this little event! The evening before this, The Husband had put 6 gallons of vinegar and 6 gallons of water into our 12 gallon hot water tank to clean out any mineral deposits. As per the instructions he had received, he then turned the electricity back on to the tank. I was instructed not to use the hot water anymore that evening thereby giving this concoction a chance to work.

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And Then Came The Fizzy Water

While washing and brushing my teeth that evening (in cold water) fizzy water was coming out of the faucet. It looked as though it had been carbonated. I told The Husband about this. He didn’t seem overly concerned. We went to bed thinking all was fine. The Husband planned to drain the vinegar concoction out in the morning. He would then rinse the tank thoroughly with clear water and we would be good to go. Good plan. At least it was until the middle of the night!!

The Husband, by now wide awake, headed for the door. At 2:15 a.m., he was outside releasing the pressure via the pressure relief valve.  Released steam from the water/vinegar mixture spewed forth. He followed that up by draining the vinegar concoction from the hot water heater. The tank was then rinsed with copious amounts of clear water. Next he came inside and opened the faucets and flushed the RV toilet several times to release any remaining residual pressure.

At 3:45 a.m., The Husband was finally able to go back to bed! The toilet now flushed normally. Water coming from the sink no longer resembled a carbonated drink. I do have to wonder what would have happened had I not needed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night?

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    • Joyce Mulliken
    • January 2, 2017

    I can so relate — RV water tanks & toilets. Long story short: Stepped onto soggy wet carpet barefoot. After several days of replacing various parts inside and out, Mike determined the hoses in the wall behind the shower has sprung a leak! Four days later, much new vocabulary uttered, problem solved. Isn’t RVing fun?

      • NoniKay
      • January 3, 2017

      Oh my word! Four days of dealing with that would definitely cause an entire new set of vocabulary! Thanks for following us Joyce 🙂

  1. Reply

    Wow! Your stories just keep getting better and better! Fizzy faucet water.. hahahaha

      • NoniKay
      • January 31, 2017

      The next day it was really funny and we both got a good laugh. During the middle of the night I think The Husband had a little difficulty seeing the humor 🙂

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