My Foray Into The Marijuana Store

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No matter if you think Marijuana-Pot-Cannabis should or should not be legal, in some states it’s now legal. So, Curiosity got the best of me….

There is no shortage of argument these days regarding the pros and cons of making recreational use of marijuana legal. I happen to currently be living in one of the states where it is legal, so when we saw a large billboard advertising a “large new showroom” at one of the local marijuana stores I couldn’t resist. The Husband flipped a U-turn and we headed back into the parking lot of the strip mall housing the marijuana store.

The terminology on the billboard struck me as funny and out of place for a store. It sounded much more in line with the advertising of a car dealership with a showroom full of the latest models. We park, get out and open the door to the “large new showroom” of the marijuana store. The smell is overpowering!! The Husband says, “ahh, smells good in here, I’ve always liked the smell of marijuana.”  I say, “It stinks in here! That smell has always given me a pounding headache.”

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We look around … huge glassed in display on one wall with every imaginable size and style of bong, pipe, roach clip, etc. A large chalkboard is covered with all the various names for marijuana in a variety of fonts. Large display cases contain an assortment of buds, oils, edibles (wow-candy) measured, labeled and priced.


This is a thriving business. The store is actually quite small. Probably the size of a small to medium sized living room. Three employees are hard at work handling the wants and needs of their customers. There are six or seven people there when we walk in and more coming in all the time. We are definitely the oldest and straightest people in the store. Tattoos abound. Several guys resemble aging bikers, girls dressed in garb reminiscent of the Haight Ashbury hippie days of the 60’s, couple of younger guys in camo.

What is missing are “mainstream, business type” people. We get some curious looks from the other customers. Quite frankly, we stick out like a sore thumb in this store… our age, our attire, hairstyles, our LACK of tattoos and lack of body piercings. Even though it’s legal, acceptable and used across all factions of society, the ones we saw today in that store were the fringes. They weren’t the business people we see rushing to work each day, they weren’t the teachers, nurses, contractors, etc. They were the renegades, the non-conformists.

Interesting because in another town we would have seen those dressed exactly like us. We would have been unable to discern who was a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer. We have friends our age who buy from these stores at the same rate that others frequent the grocery. However, in this particular town, on this particular day, what we saw was a fully stocked showroom with a clientele that was united by one thing … their appearance of being the “fringe” element of this town.

While my little excursion didn’t change any of the ideas or opinions I previously held about the pros or cons of legal or illegal recreational marijuana use and availability, it satisfied my curiosity about exactly what a marijuana store would look like complete with their “large new showroom!” Mission accomplished. Another new experience in the books.


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    • Patty Langfitt
    • March 8, 2017

    Haha, Noni. Pot is legal in Oregon, so I, like you, were curious about the store too. I wanted to get some cream for the arthritis in my knees. The store was very clean with a TV explaining the benefits of pot. You had to give them your drivers license which they made a copy of and returned to you. Then someone unlocked the door to let you into the room where all the different types of pot and paraphernalia was. I found the couple guys that waited on me were very knowledgeable about the different products. I have to say I was very impressed. I have tried the candy. Of course, I like candy. It just was a very mellow high. I rarely would smoke pot because it makes me paranoid. Strong stuff compared to the rag weed I used to occasionally smoke.

      • NoniKay
      • March 9, 2017

      Times sure have changed haven’t they Patty? How did the cream work on your knee? Thanks for following us and also for your comments 🙂


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