Full On Retreat From A Huge Cockroach!

Image of disgusting cockroach


Full Retreat – That’s how The Husband described my rapid exit from our shed tonight. I saw a huge cockroach! So yes, full retreat wasn’t even fast enough. Granted it was dead, but still it was a COCKROACH! Those things are disgusting.

My back had been hurting for several days and our exercise ball was currently out in the shed. The shed houses all those extra things that don’t fit when you live in an RV.

The shed and the RV are both very clean but this is the desert and scorpions, snakes and cockroaches are a reality of life in the desert. Disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe it. Although I’m typically against the use of chemicals, a couple weeks ago we used bug bombs in the shed just to be sure that there were no “critters” living in there.

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Immediately after using the bug bombs, The Husband found two dead cockroaches as he cleaned the shed. Apparently one got missed. That disgusting specimen was hidden under my exercise ball.

Retreat! Fast!

It took me less than 10 seconds to beat a fast retreat from the shed upon seeing the cockroach. As I reentered the RV, The Husband looked up and said, “Thought you were going to stretch your back on the exercise ball?” I replied, “NOT when there is a cockroach in the same proximity as my ball.”

I know I slammed the shed door as I retreated but I’m not sure if I locked it or if I even flipped off the lights. And no, I won’t be going back out there to check. The Husband gets that duty. Were it left to me, the shed would not be entered again before it’s time to head North.

The Arizona desert sun in the middle of winter is wonderful but I’m pretty sure I’ll never get used to sharing real estate with scorpions, snakes or cockroaches! I won’t even try! I’ll be at Fry’s tomorrow morning, getting, you guessed it, MORE bug bombs! So much for my moratorium on the use of chemicals. I haven’t found a “natural” remedy that gets rid of those disgusting creatures.





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