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“I don’t want to be here!” “I think I’ll just go home.” He was only 3 and it was only his first week of preschool. He had been excited about going to school until it actually happened.

He was so little and so upset as he sobbed into my shoulder telling me, “Grandma, I, I, I don’t waanntt to be here,” in between hiccuping sobs. “It’s ok buddy,” I say, “we’ll go home today and we’ll talk to Momma about it ok?”

I talked to his teacher and she expressed the same thoughts I was having…that we want his first school experience to be positive. We don’t want him to view it as a negative. He has lots of years of school ahead of him and we need to set him up to succeed.

We went home that day and his parents and teacher together made the decision that he just wasn’t ready yet. One more year of maturing and the following fall he was excited to be going to school. This time he remained excited throughout the year and enjoyed his preschool experience.

The variety of options for education have expanded  greatly over the years. Homeschooling is now becoming much more common as are co-op schools (when the child attends mainstream classes at the co-op school 2 or 3 days each week and is homeschooled the remainder of the week.) Public schools, religious schools, private non-religious schools, alternative schools all offer a multitude of options.

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More Options Are Available – Choose Carefully!

I’m thankful there are now more options. Not every school or every curriculum fits every student. Parents now have the ability to find the school and or curriculum that best fits their child. Do your research and see what options are available in your area.

Talk to the school(s) of your choice as well as parents of current students. Talk to your child. Take them on a tour, introduce them to the teacher. Know that even after doing all your homework your child still may not “click” with this particular school or teacher or may just not be quite ready yet. Be ready to re-evaluate if necessary and go to Plan B.

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