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What happens when you give a man a walkie talkie?? A complete and total transformation, that’s what!! My first experience with men and walkie-talkies was several years ago when cell phones were just new on the market. Not everyone had one yet and cell minutes got expensive so they were still being used sparingly. We were on a road trip, my two daughters, my two sons-in-law and myself. In two separate cars.

Weather was horrible this particular night and we had a 3+ hour drive to get home. So the sons-in-law decide they need to be able to communicate between cars. They pull into some big box store and find their new “toys”…walkie-talkies. One for each car. Literally the two of them talked for the majority of the remaining hours of the trip.

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The Girls, The Toddler And The Dog Are All Asleep

Each daughter was sound asleep (one in each car) as was the dog in one car and the toddler in the other. Wide awake in one car was myself and one son-in-law, wide awake in the other car was second son-in-law.

Jokes? Those two cracked each other up over and over. Comments on road conditions? Heard them all. Comments on other drivers? Yup, heard those too. Suffice it to say the batteries on the walkie talkies were almost drained by the time we arrived at our destination. But the boys had fun and got us home safe and had a good time while doing it so the money spent on the walkie talkies was money well spent.

Fast Forward A New Years

Fast forward a few years and The Husband and I are now retired, living in a 5th wheel and traveling. For the past 6 months we’ve had with us, not only the truck that tows our RV but, our little passenger car.

Two rigs…two drivers. Not my preferred way to travel but a necessity at this point. That means….you guessed it!! Walkie-talkies!! Now let me tell you a bit about The Husband. This man is a great conversationalist when he wants to be but he can also go for hours at a time without SAYING A WORD!! But put a walkie talkie in the man’s hand? He’s now transformed into a living, breathing, male version of a chatty Kathy doll.


I completely understand the need for some conversation while traveling. We need to be on the same page about road hazards, detours, his need for me to block a lane for him.  But just random nearly constant conversation? That wasn’t something I’d anticipated. I’m quite used to hours on the road by myself (from my former life – another blog post for another day).

I have a great collection of music  and am very comfortable with my music turned up, thinking my thoughts, enjoying the scenery and singing badly at the top of my lungs.

And Then He Kept Calling!

We hadn’t been on the road 15 minutes into our first walkie talkie aided trip when he calls me. Ok, turn down the music and respond. The Husband…”did you see that?”  Me…”what?” The Husband describes some random thing that caught his attention.  Ok, music back up. 10 more miles or maybe it was only 8. He calls again this time it’s to verify where we had agreed to stop for lunch. WHICH IS STILL 3 HOURS FROM NOW!! Yes, we’re good on that. Got it logged into the GPS. We’re good to go. Music back up for about 12 miles this time and I’ll be darned if he doesn’t call again!

This continues approximately every 10-15 miles until after about the 8th interruption to my alone time with my music I finally give up and shut the music off and decide I’ll just have a conversation with The Husband since it’s apparent that once you own a walkie-talkie you need to use it endlessly while traveling.

It’s Apparently A “Man” Thing

It’s apparently a “man” thing. I guarantee if my car was filled with my female friends and family we’d be talking a mile a minute. However, if we were in separate cars, each possessing a walkie-talkie, I doubt we would call unless there was an actual need to do so. If  The Husband is in the same car with me we can go hours listening to music, looking at the scenery and not saying much at all. But put us in separate cars and give him a walkie talkie and his totally male, “I have a toy and I must use it,” side comes out full force.


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