Gratefulness! The Most Important Thing! How Often Do We Forget?

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Gratefulness! The Most Important Thing! How Often Do We Forget?

I had made a commitment to list 5 of my gratitudes at the end of each blog post throughout the month of March. Whoops!! Guess who forgot to do that on the March 15th post?? Yeah, that would be ME!! The month is only half over and already I forgot??

How often do we forget to be grateful? Writing my gratitudes down reminds me to take a minute and actually think about and appreciate each of them. So for today’s post I’ll do a list of 10 (my personal penance for forgetting to post them on the 15th).

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At The Top Of My List Is Always Family!!

1) Family – words are not adequate to express my gratefulness and love for our family. What an amazing bunch of people (from the tiniest to the eldest).

Good Health

2) The Husband isn’t feeling 100% today so that reminds me to be grateful for our usual good health.

Blue Skies And Sunshine

3) The cool weather we had been experiencing here in AZ is apparently over. The sun is out, the sky is blue and the swimming pool is perfect. How much better can it get?


4) Friends – both new and long term for the many laughs shared and the support provided.


5) Retirement – as I see some people working into their late 70’s and 80’s, I’m incredibly grateful for retirement plans that allow the husband and I to enjoy retirement in our 60’s.

The Luxury Of Comfort

6) Comfortable furniture – as I sit here writing in my la-z-boy recliner, I’m SOOO grateful for good furniture. We spent our first 2 years in the RV sitting in miserably uncomfortable RV furniture. Too many backaches and we made a trip to the La-z-boy store and life became much better.

Water, Water, Water!!

image of Lake Jenny Wyoming Gratefulness the most important thing how often do we forget
Lake Jenny – Wyoming

7) Lakes, rivers, creeks, streams, the ocean! All of it. Life in AZ where water is scarce has made me appreciate water even more than I did previously (and believe me, that was a lot!! I’m such a fan of water!!) Finding a housing development built around man made lakes the other day made me smile. Driving to Tortilla Flats, AZ and passing Canyon Lake is an ahhhh moment for me. As soon as I’m near water I feel like I can breathe better. Maybe it’s all mental but I truly do love the water whether it’s a lake, river, stream, creek or the ocean!

Spring Flowers

8) Spring flowers!! The desert is alive with blooms right now and it’s beautiful. The spring flowers I’m used to from my home state of WA are starting to show up in all the stores. My family who recently visited from WA state brought me a bouquet of tulips and yesterday I bought myself a bouquet of daffodils. Spring is here. Yeeessss!!

Kids – All Ages, Shapes and Sizes

image of kids swimming Gratefulness the most important thing how often do we forget

9) Kids – We don’t see many kids while we are in AZ since the park we live in is 55 and over. It makes me realize how much I miss seeing a variety of ages on a daily basis. It’s spring break for many schools across the U.S. this week so some of our neighbors have family visiting from out of state. That means there are actually KIDS in the park!! How fun! Little voices chattering and laughing. Babies, toddlers, teens and every age in between at the pool. The park just seems happier and more full of life when it’s occupied by a variety of ages.

New Experiences

10) New experiences – Seeing spring training baseball games has been on The Husband’s bucket list for years. Last year and this year he has been able to see several games. I’m sure it will be a yearly thing as long as we’re in AZ during the winter. He’s pretty addicted and I have to admit, I’m enjoying it also. Seeing a NASCAR race live is another of his “bucket list” items. That one got crossed off yesterday when he and a friend spent the day watching NASCAR here in Phoenix. I’m hoping he will write a guest blog about crossing off spring training and NASCAR from his bucket list.

We would love to hear about your “gratitudes” if you have a minute to share them with us in the comments section at the bottom of this post. Even on our most frustrating days. . .you know, the ones when the toilet overflowed, the dog puked on your freshly cleaned carpet, the car broke down and left you stranded. . .yes, even those days I bet we could all still find things to be grateful for.

Happy Monday and thank you for following our adventures 🙂

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