Are We In Kansas Yet? Holy Winds!!

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Hello Toto, are we in Kansas yet? The way the wind has been blowing for the past several days I fully expect lift off for Kansas to occur any minute now. Living in an RV in a park with few trees to break the wind makes me fearful that the RV is going to take flight or get blown over onto its side.

For the past 3-4 days the forecasts have predicted winds between 16-25 mph. We have felt and heard every bit of that and more! Blowing so hard that the RV shakes, the TV shakes and the overhead lights sway does NOT make for a comforting, relaxing day in your home.


I’m Fearing Further RV Damage Due To High Winds

We already lost the big awning last week because we were foolish enough to believe the overnight forecast which predicted 4 mph winds.  Now I fear we are in danger of losing the smaller fixed awnings that shield the slide outs. Winds have been flapping those awnings so hard and so violently that it distracts conversation inside the RV. That isn’t really my idea of a relaxing pleasurable day.

Winds creating such a ruckus that I visualize in my imagination all the things that will be damaged and the chaos created if the RV literally did get tipped on it’s side due to the wind. Wind so strong that I’m wondering about the option of selling the RV and buying an underground house?

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How do people in states that have hurricanes on a regular basis manage?? I guess I would be considered a wind wuss because if I ever heard a hurricane warning I would be SOOO out of there!

I’d Love A Few Days Of NO Wind

The Husband assured me that he checked the exterior and it is holding up well to this torture and the awnings over the slides are doing the job as designed. They flex with the wind and while incredibly noisy, they don’t seem to be sustaining any serious damage. We shall see…tomorrow is predicted to be considerably less windy. I’ll be ever so thankful to have a day of relative calm.


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