Let Me Introduce You to My Home State ~ Part 2

image of overflowing creek banks

Let Me Introduce You To My Home State Part 2

Part 2 of my WA State series brings us to the upper right hand corner of the state. Colville, WA. Population 4,706 in the 2014 census.   Several routes will take you to Canada from Colville and depending which one you choose, Canada lies a mere 50-60 miles away.

image of EA WA map
See the finger pointing to Colville?? Wayyyy up North!! Almost to Canada!

The Husband spent his childhood years in the Colville/Kettle Falls/Northport area so anytime we are in the northeast corner of the state, his nostalgia kicks into high gear.

As you head North towards Colville from Spokane you will first come upon Deer Park. We spent the summer of 2016 based at an RV Park in Deer Park. The Settler’s Day Parade in Deer Park was by far one of the best small town parades I’ve seen. It also holds the distinction of being the oldest parade in the State of Washington according to the Deer Park city website.

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Next Up Is Loon Lake

Several miles past Deer Park we come upon Loon Lake. A lovely lake now almost completely bordered by waterfront houses. Some summer cottages and some full-time residences. Available waterfront property is getting gobbled up and becoming harder and harder to find (as well as more expensive each year).

image of Loon Lake
Loon Lake

Next up is the tiny little burg of Clayton, WA.  So tiny (population 443 in the 2010 census) that I was amazed it has it’s own zip code (99110).

image of Clayton Drive-In
Me in front of the tiny Clayton WA drive-in (summer of 2016)

Chewelah is the next town on our route and had a population of 2,602 in the 2014 census.  49° North Mountain Resort has become a very popular winter ski destination and is a mere 10 miles from Chewelah, making this little town a great option for lodging, meals and fuel. Chewelah has some beautiful old buildings in their downtown area that caught my eye.


image of drugstore Chewelah WA
Beautiful old brick building that houses Valley Drug Co.
image of old building Chewelah WA
Old ornate construction graces the downtown area of Chewelah WA

And Then The Tiny Town Of Addy

Next up as we headed further toward Colville was Addy, Wa. The Husband fondly remembers attending dances at the Addy Grange Hall.

image of Addy Grange Hall Addy WA
Addy Grange Hall where The Husband recalls attending dances.
image of picture of Addy WA restaurant
Family Dining at the Addy Inn.
image of Addy WA rescue mission
Addy has it’s own Rescue Mission

If You Live Here You Need To Be Prepared For Winter!!

Life here isn’t for the faint of heart as winters can be long and hard. They are only now emerging from one of the hardest winters in history. Record snow fall that started early and stayed late followed by record amounts of rain just about the same time the snow was melting caused wide spread flooding and road washouts. Although our trip was not affected by any road closures, the flooding was still very apparent. What was a creek is now a rushing stream. What had been a stream is now a small river and most low lying pasture and crop land is still submerged.

image of bridge and creek Chewelah WA
Creek in downtown Chewelah WA still swollen past it’s banks and almost over the bridge.
image of fast running creek in city park Chewelah WA
Melting snow and record rainfall have swollen this normally small creek in the city park – Chewelah WA

The Largest Town In Stevens County And The End Of The Line For Today

Colville was the end of the line for us today. With a population of 4,706 in the 2014 census, Colville is the biggest town in this corner of the state. As the largest town between the Canadian border and Spokane, Colville offers more shopping and service options as well as restaurants, bowling and other activities. It is also home to Providence Mount Carmel Hospital, a general medical and surgical hospital with 25 beds.

image of Stevens County Courthouse
Colville is the county seat of Stevens County. This gracious old brick building is the Stevens County Courthouse.

Colville, like so much of Stevens County, suffered extensive flooding this past winter (2016/2017) and is still waiting for the water to dissipate. Farmers are unable to get into fields to start their spring work because many of their fields would better be described as lakefront property at this time.

image of flooded hayfield
This isn’t actually a lake. It’s a hayfield currently flooded as is much of Stevens County

And A Few More Of The Husband’s Memories!

Colville is home to Vaagen Brothers Lumber which is a 3rd generation family owned business and employs just over 200 people in their Stevens County locations. Vaagen Brothers has mills in the western U.S. and Canada. This mill also holds some memories for The Husband as his grandfather, Emory McNinch, was one of the first loggers to haul logs into the Vaagen Sawmill in the mid-1950’s. His company name was E.J. McNinch and Sons. Like I said, this entire area holds many nostalgic memories for The Husband.

image of Vaagen Brothers mill
Vaagen Brothers Sawmill – Colville WA

That’s it for Installment #2 of our introduction to Washington (our home state). I hope you will join us  for Installment #3 at a later date.

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  1. Great blog post. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful state. I will have to make a stop here next time I’m in the USA.

      • NoniKay
      • May 8, 2017

      Thank you and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. WA really is a beautiful state and has such diversity in topography, climate etc. I’m thrilled that you plan to visit my home state!!!

  2. Reply

    I love this! It’s so awesome to see and meet other adventurers like us!!!! Ty for sharing this I am saving for when we head that way!! ???

      • NoniKay
      • May 8, 2017

      So glad you found this useful. It is truly a beautiful area of the State and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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