Houseguest Hell, This Guy Takes The Cake!

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Houseguest Hell, This Guy Takes The Cake!

This one takes the cake! The houseguest who started the visit by calling my friend and announcing that he would be there on a certain date and would be staying 8 days. With them. At their house. Mr. HGH (house guest hell) has a very adequate income, however, he opted not to rent a car for the duration of his visit because, “it’s too expensive.” Mr. HGH is a large person but due to stomach surgery he doesn’t eat a great amount. What he does eat, however, is every piece of junk food in the house. Chips, cookies, crackers, ice cream? All gone like a swarm of locusts had passed through the house.

image of sweet junk food houseguest hell this guy takes the cake
Junk food junkie

Should Have Hidden The Key To The Liquor Cabinet

Their booze supply took a hard hit. Mr. HGH likes wine. Lots of Wine. Every night. Two bottles! Evvveerrryyy. Night. Oh, he also won’t stoop to drinking anything but the best varieties. You know, the ones that cost the $30-40 PER bottle. During his 8 day visit, he did purchase 3 bottles of wine as a “gift” for his host and hostess. And then proceeded to immediately drink two of the three bottles by himself!!

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Image of wine glasses and grapes houseguest hell this guy takes the cake
Wine! Two Bottles Each Night!!

While watching a TV program that his host and hostess enjoy, he talked through the entire program. Later they were watching a program that Mr. HGH liked and he said to his hostess, “I don’t want to be rude, but could you be quiet so I can watch my program?” Not once in 8 days did Mr. HGH pick up after himself, wash a dish, or even rinse his dishes. Dishes were left to crust over. Apparently Mr. HGH thinks hostess is synonymous with maid service.

I Won But I Still Won’t Offer To Buy You Dinner

A trip to the local casino was planned for my friends and Mr. HGH. Upon entering the casino everyone did a little gambling. Soon Mr. HGH approached my friends and said, “let’s go home. I won $1,000 and I don’t want to spend my money!” My friends had barely begun to do a little gambling and no one had even had dinner yet. This fact was pointed out to him and he reiterated that, no, he wanted to go home as he didn’t want to spend his money. When it was time to leave Mr. HGH had the audacity to exclaim proudly to his host and hostess that he was, “going home with more money than I came with!” Yes, you may have gone home with a little fatter wallet but your rude behavior and inconsiderate attitude just cost you a friendship and understandably so. The welcome mat won’t be out for your visits again.

image of welcome mat houseguest hell this guy takes the cake
Pulling In The Welcome Mat For This Guy

Ensuring His Royal Highness Doesn’t Miss His Flight

Since Mr. HGH was due to leave for the airport at 6:00 a.m., on his departure date, the original plan was for him to be picked up and taken there by UBER. His host, at this point, was so sick of Mr. HGH that he said, “I am not taking any chances that he misses that plane. I’ll get up and transport him to the airport myself. I’ll make SURE he catches that plane!” And I’m sure it will come as no great surprise to any of my female readers that, are you ready for it??? Mr. HGH is SINGLE!!

My Gratitudes For Today The Husband and our kids/grandkids.

  1. The Husband and our kids and grandkids.
  2. Thoughtful, considerate houseguests.
  3. That the end of March is near!! That means we’ll be headed home soon and will get to see our family.
  4. The more moderate weather we’ve had the past few days. (70’s instead of 90’s)
  5. All the artists in our family, from the littles who paint, color and draw me such beautiful pictures to my art teacher son, who creates amazing works of ceramic art and on up to my 97 year old mother whose favorite medium is watercolor.

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