The Husband’s “Dubious Decision” And 3 Important RV Lessons

image of Gary with dislocated shoulder

The Husband’s “Dubious Decision” And 3 Important RV Lessons

My phone rang and I saw it was The Husband. Picking it up I said, “Hi.”

The Husband:   “can you come home right away?”

Me:   “sure, what’s up?”

The Husband:   “I fell off the ladder, can you come home right away?”

Me:   “do I have time to put away my stuff?” (I was at the quilting room here at the park working on my quilt project).

The Husband:   “yes, put it away and then come home right away.”

Throw Everything In The Storage Cupboard

I hustled, put away all my project supplies and rushed home. There he was sitting at our outdoor picnic table holding onto his right arm with his left.  Trying very hard not to move. Our neighbor (who had heard the fall) was sitting with him.

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The Husband had placed the ladder against the front of the 5th wheel and was nearly at the top (about 10′ up) when the bottom of the ladder slipped out and down he went. The concrete pad upon which the ladder was sitting is covered with a decorative coating.  That coating, while improving the visual aspect of the concrete pad, makes an incredibly slick surface when wet. I think we can now safely determine that it’s also slick when dry. At least too slick to place a ladder on without someone holding the ladder from the bottom.

Leaving the ladder laying askew on the ground, I grabbed the truck keys and put the address of the nearest ER into my GPS. Just by looking we already knew The Husband had a dislocated shoulder. We just didn’t know if there was any additional damage. Trying to avoid as many dips and ruts in the road as possible, we made our way to the ER. The Husband was obviously in pain. Our truck rides incredibly well for a truck, but it’s still a truck. Not the smoothest ride as you make your way to the ER with a painfully dislocated shoulder.

ER Was Swamped

The ER was swamped but the staff remained friendly, compassionate and efficient. An ill timed  decision by hospital administration had resulted in a low census (read: NOT enough nurses for the amount of people coming through ER that day). Once taken to an exam room The Husband was given a shot for the pain which helped him tolerate the wait time.

image of hospital The Husband's dubious decision and 3 important RV lessons

He was then taken to x-ray where they found that yes, as we suspected, the shoulder was dislocated and additionally there was a small fracture. Back to the exam room. A decision was then made to give him a CT scan to check for damage to the head and neck. On went the cervical collar to stabilize his neck until they could be sure there was no damage there. More waiting. Then off he went to get the CT scan. Back to the exam room. Cervical collar had to remain in place until the CT scan was read.  At last the scan was read and there was no damage to his head or neck. C-collar came off and they started making the preparations to put him out temporarily so they could pop the shoulder back in place.

image of The Husband in the ER The Husband's dubious decision and 3 important RV lessons
C-collar and a dislocated shoulder – Ouch!!

And Then It’s Popped Back In

After injecting some drugs into his arm, he quickly nodded off. They started to put the shoulder back in and he winched and even in his drugged state said, “ow, ow, ow!” Immediately they stopped, injected more meds, waited a minute for the meds to kick in and then proceeded. It took only a couple of minutes and went back into place nicely. He was then placed into a wrap which will keep it immobilized for the next two weeks.

Copious amounts of paper were then signed and a prescription for pain meds written and we finally were released at 8:00 p.m. This little event took place initially at 1:00 p.m. (the time I got the call from The Husband). For breakfast we each had an Isagenix protein shake. No one had lunch and no one had dinner. We were both starving so made the decision to get the prescription filled for his meds and then find a restaurant.

image of apothecary sign The Husband's dubious decision and 3 important RV lessons

8:00 p.m. on a Saturday night isn’t a great time to find a pharmacy open, even in a large area like Mesa, AZ. We found one. Apparently the only one open for miles around. They were swamped. Dropped off the prescription and were told it would be ready by 10:00 p.m. Ok, then. Off to find a restaurant as The Husband was now a bit  more comfortable and had realized he was starving.

A Shirt! Can’t Go In Restaurants Without A Shirt!

Oh, first we needed to get a shirt for The Husband.  Since his shirt had to be cut off  in the ER, he was running around with just his shorts and the brace holding his arm/shoulder in place. Fry’s was open and we quickly grabbed a few button up, short sleeve shirts. Got the husband dressed appropriately to be in a restaurant and went in search of food. After our very late dinner and waiting in a long line at the pharmacy to pick up his meds, we finally made it home just a little before midnight.

Today’s events remind us of a few very important RV lessons which, had they been in practice, could have prevented the unfortunate events that took place. Today was a tough reminder that we all need to practice safety rules first!

Three Important RV Lessons

#1 – RV Lesson – DON’T use a ladder when no one else is home.

#2 – RV Lesson – DON’T use a ladder with no one holding the bottom of it to stabilize it.

#3 – RV Lesson – Keep your cell phone nearby ( VERY close by) so in case of injuries you are able to call for help.

My Gratitudes For Today

1)  The Husband and our kids/grandkids.

2)  That The Husband wasn’t hurt any worse in his fall.

3)  NASCAR – a bucket list item of The Husband’s that thankfully he felt good enough to attend one day after his accident.

4)  Great neighbors – always ready to be there to help especially in emergency situations.

5)  Nurses and doctors – especially ER nurses and doctors!! Even though they were swamped they were professional, kind, compassionate and did a great job.

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    • Patty Langfitt
    • March 22, 2017

    I’m so sorry, Noni. Nothing happens fast when you have an injury where you have to go to the ER! So that means no golfing when we come down. “Hubby” can go fly the drone with Bill. That he can do without any discomfort.

      • NoniKay
      • March 22, 2017

      He would LOVE to go fly the drone with Bill I’m sure!! Looking forward to seeing you guys 🙂

    • China
    • March 22, 2017

    Ouch!!! You did good for not adding injury to The Husband when you saw him in pain and by not going into panic mode. To The Husband- you need to be more careful when doing things around the RV. And you owe Noni a bunch of points for being such a loving and caring other half. Miss you both and good write up and tips for when we go fulltime RV living 🙂

      • NoniKay
      • March 22, 2017

      Thanks China, we miss you too!! When do the two of you plan to start RV’ing?

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