10 Ideas For A Valentines Day That Won’t Break The Bank

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10 Ideas For A Valentines Day That Won’t Break The Bank

My 10 ideas for a Valentines Day that won’t break the bank came about during my days as a single Mom. Making Valentines Day special for someone is about caring, not money. From the time my children were very young I tried to do little things that reminded them how much they were loved. Valentines Day just gave me a reason to up my game a bit.

They apparently learned by that example because even as a single mom I never felt left out on Valentines Day. Why? Because I had kids that never missed a single Valentine’s Day. When they were very young they made special cards for me each year. They gave me simple gifts…a flower they had picked for me, a picture they had drawn for me. Once they were old enough to cook they would make a simple breakfast or lunch to share with me. When they were older and had part time jobs, they remembered me with cards, a bouquet or some new item picked specifically for me.

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It isn’t necessary to have a partner to feel loved on Valentines Day.  The day can be made so special for someone if we take a minute to buy them a cup of their favorite coffee, invite them out to lunch, send them an anonymous note telling them what we admire or appreciate about them.

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Here are 10 ideas for a fun, inexpensive Valentines Day. Hopefully these ideas will help spark some ideas of your own.

1 – Research what’s playing at your local theater. Surprise someone with a movie date including the biggest popcorn available. Find a theater with the new reclining seats so you can be super comfy during the show.

2 – Restaurants are slammed around Valentine’s Day so how about packing a favorite lunch or dinner along with a good bottle of wine (sparkling cider for the littles) and have a picnic? Is February still cold where you live? Picnic in the coziness of your living room or in your car overlooking the best view to be found in your area. If weather permits an outdoor picnic, find the most scenic spot available, spread your blanket  your lunch and feast. You will have the added benefit of privacy not be to found in restaurants on this particular day.

Time Is Always A Winner ~ Check Idea 3

3 – Give your own personalized gift certificates. Certificates could be made to be redeemable for anything you choose. Your time, a dozen cookies, an hour of babysitting, a car wash, 2 hours of house cleaning, an hour of walking their dog. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination. What kind of certificate would your person appreciate? These can be individualized for the littles in your life also. Maybe a certificate giving them a night when they can stay up an hour later than normal? An afternoon cooking with you? A walk with you to the local park for an hour or two of play? Again, the possibilities are endless.

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Baking cookies for Valentine’s Day

The Elderly Person In Your Life Might Like Idea 4

4 – Create a simple gift basket for the elderly person in your life. Ideas to put in . . . a book (large font if necessary for their eyes), recent photos of their family. A gift certificate inviting them to a dinner at your home. Or a certificate for a couple hours of your time to take a walk with them. Volunteer a couple hours of your time transporting them to/from any errands they need to run (if they no longer drive). Many elderly are lonely and would be thrilled to just have an hour or two of your time, talking with them.

5 – For the littles in your life it isn’t necessary to spend much money. Children are easily pleased and thrilled with simple things. How about a breakfast with pancakes in the shape of hearts ? Or their names written in pancake batter & cooked? To be accompanied by something they don’t normally get? Maybe whipped cream and strawberries on top of their pancakes? Or hot cocoa to accompany the breakfast?

No Need To Spend A Lot Of Money ~ Check Idea 6

6 – Tangible gifts for the littles don’t need to be expensive. Would the little girl in your life like some new hair accessories? A flavored chapstick? Girls and boys would probably enjoy nerf bullet refills, crayons and coloring books. Those are but a few of the inexpensive options.

image of crayons 10 ideas for a Valentine's Day that won't break the bank www.happyhour786.com

The Guys Are Going To LOVE Idea 7

7 – The guy in your life might appreciate a certificate giving HIM total control of the TV remote  for an entire day. Or a certificate giving him a weeks pass on all things lawn care related (only do this one if you’re actually good with taking over lawn care for a week).

8 – For the gal in your life a certificate giving HER control of the TV remote for an entire day. A certificate giving her a weeks pass on all things relating to kitchen cleanup (or all things laundry related?)

9 – Anyone of any age would probably love to receive a handmade journal telling them what you love about them. Lots of room here to expand on your memories with this person, what you admire about them and why. Use your imagination in creation of the Journal.

And Last But Certainly Not Least Here is Idea 10

10 – Check schedules in advance and sign up to take a class with the special person in your life. Pottery anyone? Ceramics? Writing? What are they interested in that the two of you could learn together?

I hope this list has sparked your imagination. Please share in the comments section your unique ideas for Valentines gifts to the special people in your lives. I’d love to hear about them.

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