What Are Your Sources To Get Your Information?

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What Are Your Sources To Get Your Information?

Where do you get your information? All from the computer? Books? Your family?

It seems our computers   have become like another appendage. I’m as guilty as the next person. From the young to the old and everyone in between, we all know the computer has the answers in it somewhere.

Tapping That Computer To Get Those Messages

Years back a family member had a serious brain injury and a Caring Bridge site was set up. Because of the injury, communication skills were extremely basic for a time. Before we knew if he could even comprehend the messages, we read him get well messages from friends. Read them off the Caring Bridge site. From the computer. He would see my laptop and tap on it. I’d ask, “do you want me to read your messages?” Nodding affirmative he would lay back on his bed waiting for me to read them to him. His brain could only handle 2, maybe 3 at a time before concentration was lost. This happened multiple times each day as his brain healed and his ability to concentrate for longer periods of time increased.

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A wealth of information at your fingertips!

The Very Old And The Very Young

My 96 yr old mother doesn’t understand much about computers. We got her one when she was about 90. Our goal was to teach her the basic skills so she could email and FaceTime with family. Sadly, it never worked. She gave it up saying it frustrated her too much. Even with no computer skills, she is very aware of the information and shopping opportunities inside that computer. On each visit she greets me with a website address or two that she wants me to research. Or she’ll ask me to “go on the computer and order” whatever item she is currently in need of.

The littles, even before the age of 2, are capable of swiping our phones and tablets to get to their desired destination online. They play their preschool games online, watch videos and listen to music.

From the very young to the very old everyone knows there is a plethora of information and capabilities in that computer.

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The very young and the very old!

What Other Sources Are There? Can You Access Them?

My generation, and even my kids’ generation, know how to use computers,  but also know how to use the old methods. Knowing our way around a library means we could find our information even if the library didn’t have computers. We were taught the old card catalog   method. Infinitely more time consuming and cumbersome but still effective.

Considering how very dependent upon computers we have become, do you teach your children/grandchildren alternate ways to gain information? Do you take them to the library? Encourage research and reading from sources other than the nearest laptop or tablet? Hand down lessons generation to generation? Teach them some practical daily skills they may need as adults?

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So many books, so much information!

It’s something to think about. We all appreciate how fast and easy it is with computers to get our hands on the information we need. Yet, there are important lessons to be learned that sometimes are learned best when passed generation to generation. The lesson is learned and memories are made at the same time. To my way of thinking that’s something we don’t want to lose.

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