Let Me Introduce You To My Home State

Art at Chihuly Art Museum Tacoma WA

Let Me Introduce You To My Home State

I’d like to introduce you to my home state – Washington. It is such a diverse state that I will have to do it over time and in multiple blog posts. From the ocean to the desert, Washington State has a very diversified topography and climate. Yesterday we spent the day in Tacoma and we were able to spend some time at the Chihuly Museum of Glass. All the years I’ve lived in WA State and this was my first experience at this museum.

image of hot shop team Chihuly Art Museum
The Hot Shop Team hard at work!

Glass blowing fascinates me so it’s no surprise that the hot shop was my favorite part of the museum. The hours of work and painstaking detail that go into each piece boggles the mind. Such patience that is required while working next to multiple ovens generating thousands of degrees of heat. Is anyone surprised that they all work in shorts??

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image of young artist at work chihuly art museum Tacoma WA happyhour786
The amount of work that goes into each piece! Amazing!

Water and Asymmetrical Installations ~ My Happy Place!

I’m generally quite a fan of the funky, the unusual, the asymmetrical. I’m also a huge fan of water features. So it should come as no surprise that this next art installation was one of my favorites at the museum.

image of water art installation Chihuly Art Museum Tacoma WA my home state happyhour786.com
One of my favorites!!

Life as a full-time RV’er means I forego buying or collecting any of these delicate works of art but to spend an afternoon admiring their beauty and watching them being made was a feast for the eyes and food for the soul.

Each Piece So Labor And Time Intensive!

image of art depicting mussels Chihuly Art Museum Tacoma WA my home state happyhour786.com
Another of my favorites – this one depicting mussels.
I loved the depth of the pier in this piece!
image of funny sock guy Chihuly Art Museum Tacoma WA my home state happyhour786.com
I met this funny guy in the hallway enroute to the bathroom! A hallway full of the funky, funny art pieces!

Walking across the Bridge of Glass I saw, across the street, the old Tacoma Union Station, now beautifully renovated and used as a working courthouse. More Chihuly installations grace the courthouse, however, since we were touring on a Sunday, the courthouse was closed. We’ll plan a future visit to tour the the courthouse itself as well as viewing the Chihuly installations in place there.

image of Tacoma Union Station Tacoma WA my home state www.happyhour786.com
Looking across to Tacoma’s Union Station – now a working courthouse

By the time we were done touring the museum we were getting hungry. Just a short walk from the Chihuly Museum of Glass is Harmon Pub and Brewery. Our timing was perfect. It started to rain just a bit while we were walking but 5 minutes into the pub and the heavens opened up! Outside seating at the pub’s sidewalk tables wouldn’t be on our agenda this day! The food, service and the beer were all good at Harmon’s. If you are in the area give them a try.

image of outdoor seating Harmon's pub and brewery tacoma wa my home state www.happyhour786.com
No outside seating for us! Rain kept us indoors but the food and the beer were great.

Another great feature of Washington State is it’s many mountains. From almost anyplace in Tacoma and the surrounding area Mt. Rainier can be seen in all her majestic glory. Although our afternoon ended with rain, the morning started out clear and sunny.  The mountain got our attention.

Last But Not Least ~ “The Mountain” ~ Mt. Rainier Watches All Below Her!

image of Mt Rainier my home state www.happyhour786.com
Mt Rainier in all her glory watching over the valley below.

For those of you who, like me, call Washington State home, isn’t it an amazing place? For those of you who haven’t been here yet I’d like to invite you to come! Visit, tour, explore! Such diversity, so much to see and do. I’ll share more WA State with you in future posts.

image of happy hour logo

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    • Kathy
    • April 24, 2017

    Love the Chihuly Art! Was fascinated by the display in Seattle. Your tour sounds more intensive & like great fun.

      • NoniKay
      • April 24, 2017

      I think you would love it Kathy! If you are ever in Tacoma you should try to spend a few hours there 🙂

  1. Reply

    I was first introduced to Chihuly’s magic at the St Louis Botanical Gardens many years ago and have been following him ever since. What beautiful work he designs and creates. Will have to take a trip to visit this museum!

      • NoniKay
      • April 25, 2017

      If possible try to visit on a weekday so you can also visit the Tacoma Union Station. It sits across the Bridge of Glass from the Chihuly Museum and it holds more of his works of art, some of which are large installations. Because we visited on a Sunday we were unable to see those (the station is now a working courthouse). We plan to visit again on a weekday. Thanks for your comments and interest in our blog.

    • Joyce Mulliken
    • May 5, 2017

    We’ve seen the Chihuly Exhibit several times at the Botanical Gardens in AZ. Absolutely breathtaking, especially at night with the lights. Love that you refer to Mt. Rainier as “she;” I’ve always thought His Majesty of the volcanic mountains is Mt. Rainier. I call Mt. St. Helens she/her, and Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and Mt. Baker “he/him.” All beautiful!!! Love the PNW.

      • NoniKay
      • May 5, 2017

      Isn’t that funny that we refer to different mountains as different genders? I never even thought about it until you mentioned it but you’re right, I do refer to some as she and others as he/him 🙂

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