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I’m an introvert! It has taken me many years to accept that “diagnosis” but it’s true! I’m a true blue introvert living amongst the talkers. I’m married to an extrovert. They say opposites attract and apparently that’s true.

Tonight as I watched the sunset fade and the night sky come to life it dawned on me I know only 3 other occupants of our RV park. And I don’t know them well. We live in a park with about 200 spaces. On the other hand, The Husband is meeting yet another neighbor even as I write. While I can definitely hold my own talking to those I know well,  it is exhausting for me to try to make conversation with very many new people.

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The Husband Meets Them All At Each Location

Each time we’ve moved to a new RV park since beginning this nomad life, I’ve learned about the neighbors from The Husband. Were it left to me I might get to know the people immediately to my left and right. Probably never more than that.

The Husband, however, is the King of meet and greet! Put him in a new location and within a matter of days he knows many new people. He knows the neighbors to the left and right. He knows those across the street and also down several spaces. Add to that the ones he met at the pool,  the park office, the laundromat and those  just casually walking down the street.

It could be said that we complement each other. I have taught him to appreciate things like spending more time with the grandkids. He enjoys reading to them and listening to their take on the world. He now takes time for sunsets and the ocean. The changing sky and hummingbirds weren’t something he used to take time to observe.

Through him I’ve gotten to know several neighbors in each of the parks where we’ve lived and learned to enjoy occasional social outings more. It’s a balance. A tough balance at times but a balance worth maintaining. Sometimes his ability to chat it up with absolutely every neighbor drives me nuts as I need and value my solitude, but overall, it’s a good mix. It is  good for each of us to be out of our comfort zone and view life from the outlook of the other.




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