Just One Adult Conversation PLEASE!!

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I remember those days when I longed for the conversation of just one adult. When I thought I’d scream if I talked to one more person under the age of 10 without equal time of adult conversation. The days when I’d prepare dinner, get the kids cleaned up and wait for their father to get home from work because his arrival was truly a highlight in our day. By the time Daddy got home the kids were probably as tired of only talking to me as I was of talking only to them.

Then somewhere along the line my outlook changed. I realized that the most important conversations I probably would ever have were those with the little ones. They were the most honest and heartfelt for sure. They were precious beyond words. I realized how fast they grow up and how very soon they want to be in the company of their friends instead of wanting all of Mommy’s time.

Then I Went Back To Work

Those days of being home waiting for Daddy’s arrival stopped. I went back to work. They were the ones waiting for me to arrive home from work. Waiting for me to pick them up from daycare. Waiting for me to make dinner and help with homework. Waiting for me to throw in a load (or 10) of laundry so we could have story time together and good night hugs and kisses.

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Time had to be so much more scheduled once I went back to work. Just the simple fact that meals still needed to be cooked, laundry done, floors scrubbed, baths given, homework helped with … all meant that schedules must be kept or I’d never get it all done. That’s when I realized how much I was missing. I might now have more adult conversations but they weren’t as important or as honest as those conversations I’d had with the littles all those years when I longed for adult conversation.

As nuts as those days with only littles can drive you, you will miss them. I realize it’s often hard to enjoy them when in the midst of the constant chaos that involves littles.  Try to laugh off the spilled milk, the 12 times they get up after you put them to bed, the 89th reading of the favorite book, the bed that accidentally got peed in, and all the other situations that go with little ones. Take a moment to enjoy that sweet after bath smell, the little voice saying, “I love you” and the million unique observations that they share. It all goes way too fast and while each age is wonderful and unique, they’ll be your adult friend for many more years than they will be your little one.


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