I Like Laundry!! Call Me Crazy!

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Call me crazy but I actually like doing laundry. I like washing it, drying it and folding it. I like to see it all done nicely hanging in the closet or folded in the drawers ready to wear. The only part I’m not overly fond of is ironing but since retirement that has almost been eliminated.  So, no longer an issue.

Maybe this obsession started as a young kid. We lived on a farm and didn’t have the easiest set up for laundry. My mother had an old wringer style washing machine and it was set up on the back porch which had the necessary drain and electrical outlet. Fill it with water, soap and clothes and turn it on. When it’s done agitating, drain out that water, fill it with rinse water and churn it around some more. Empty out the rinse water as you are picking each item out of the tub individually and feeding them one at a time through the wringer to get out the excess moisture.

The Tin Roof Shack

Then it’s out to the outdoor clothesline to hang them to dry. During inclement weather we had what we called the “drying house,” a tin roofed shack equipped with a wood burning stove in the center and multiple overhead clotheslines on which to hang the laundry to be dried by the heat from the stove. clothes-line-615962_1920 There is no sweeter smell than laundry that has been dried outdoors in the fresh air. From the ages of about 8 to 12 (when we moved away from the farm) this was one of my chores. Taking into consideration the danger involved with shoving laundry through a wringer, either my mother was quite trusting or just too overworked herself to refuse the assistance of a willing little worker.

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My “Alone” Time

Laundry time was my “alone” time. No one bothered me (my siblings had no desire to be recruited to assist.) I could have the pride of accomplishment, see and smell the results of my labor, be alone with my thoughts, daydreams, etc., and best of all? I wasn’t getting in trouble for anything while I was doing laundry. (I was deemed the family brat and more often than not I was in trouble for some real or imagined offense.)

Fast forward to today and I still enjoy laundry even after years of doing copious loads for my 4 growing children. Laundry will always be the first chore I will volunteer to do and the one I enjoy the most.


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