LEGO Construction, Adult Style!

Furniture assembly "LEGO" style by The Husband

LEGO Construction, Adult Style!

Who knew moving into Little House would involve an adult size game of LEGOS? Turns out IKEA has the handle on adult size LEGO construction.

How many of you sold or gave away everything when you decided to downsize and move into your RV? We definitely did that. For reasons I’ll address later in this post that was the right decision for us. Four  years ago our plan was to full-time RV for as long as we were physically able. Like I said, hindsight.

How many of you sold or gave away everything when you decided to downsize and move into your RV?… Click To Tweet

It was a good life. For almost 4 years. However, 4 years without a home base was more than enough for us. We’re family people and being away from family 5-6 months out of each year just wasn’t working well. We were missing out on so much! Kids grow and change so rapidly and we were missing out on day to day life with the grandkids. And we had this great Little House in Spokane WA.

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Starting From Scratch Furnishing Little House

So as you may have read in a few previous posts the decision was made to sell the RV/truck and move into Little House. We’re still traveling but no longer as full-timers. So all that to say that we had to start over with furnishing Little House.

While spending the first week sleeping on an air mattress in a totally empty house we spent our spare time shopping for furnishings. Moore Furniture (#notsponsored) in Ephrata, WA has long been my favorite spot for home furnishings. I’ve been a fan of their service and quality for years and they’ve never disappointed.  Living room furniture was all found in their showroom and delivered to Little House. One room down. Several more to go. - Free Shipping on Discount Luggage

I knew IKEA (#notsponsored) had the bedroom furniture that we liked and would fit in our small house (for the most affordable price). A trip to IKEA in Renton was fun but not fruitful. Not a chance could we fit all the items we needed into our vehicle. More shopping revealed to me that even after paying shipping costs, our most cost effective route was still IKEA. So we placed an online IKEA order for furniture needs for the bedrooms.

image of IKEA order delivery LEGO construction Adult Style
Unloading LEGO projects for The Husband for several days!

One Pallet Held Everything!!

Last week the delivery truck pulled up out front with a full pallet destined for our house. Amazing to me that enough furniture for two bedrooms fit onto one pallet and it wasn’t even a huge pallet.

Image of pallet with IKEA order LEGO construction adult style
One small pallet!! Amazing how much fits into those boxes!

Bright and early the morning after delivery The Husband started busting open boxes, lining up pieces, directions and copious amount of assorted screws, pins, nails and “stuff.” Then the adult game of LEGO ensued. Truly, assembling IKEA furniture looks like a game of LEGOS!! Amazing to me how sturdy and strong this furniture is once assembled. We have friends who have had their IKEA furniture 12 years and counting. Still going strong. While I have the utmost admiration for the genius of their designs, I’m ever so thankful that The Husband is the one playing the LEGO game called assembly.  About 30 minutes in I would have been ready for a Margarita!!

image of furniture assembly LEGO construction adult style
The makings of furniture – LEGO style

One bedroom is complete. The Husband has all pieces assembled and put into place. Now on to Bedroom #2.

image of boxes of future furniture LEGO construction adult style
Boxes and boxes of future furniture!!

For us the decision to downsize instead of storing household items was the right decision. After “marrying into” our 3 bdr condo I spent the next 4 years of my life never really feeling “at home.” Always feeling like I was living with a ghost of The Husband’s former life, I was not the least bit sad to sell the condo and completely downsize it’s furnishings.

What Option Is Right For Your Situation?

Each person’s situation will be different. Determined by your personal circumstances. My advise would be carefully examine your options before you hit the road as full-timers. Do you want to maintain your current home or sell it? Do you want to store your furnishings? Maybe store them for a year? What is the longest time you have spent ‘on the road’? Do you know you want this lifestyle long term? Or are you still ‘trying it out’?  Is there a possibility you may want a home base in the future? The cost to store your furnishings for a year would be considerably less than re-furnishing a home from scratch. Consider how many years you plan to be full-timers. Where do you plan to live if your age and/or health no longer make the full-time lifestyle possible? Is long term storage more/less affordable than refurnishing from scratch at a later date?

Our almost 4 years on the road as full-timers taught us a great deal. We’ve seen some amazing places and know of more that we still want to see. We’ve also learned what type of travel works best for us and that means having a home base instead of being full-timers.

We now have the home base that we were missing. The Husband is close to completion of his adult size LEGO project, enjoys having a garage again, and I’m loving life in Little House.  Hopefully some of our experiences will be helpful to you as you decide about your lifestyle options. Full-timer? Part-timer? Home base and travel using vehicle and motels? Store your belongings? Long term storage? Or short term? Lots of options and things to consider.

Comments and questions section below. We love to hear from you and hear how you faced or are facing these considerations.

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