34 Random Life Lessons From The Husband

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34 Random Life Lessons From The Husband

A discussion the other day led to this list of 34 Random Life Lessons From The Husband. Grab a piece of paper and list your lessons. Write them as fast as they pop into your head. It’s interesting to see what makes the list when it’s totally unscripted. I’ll share my list with you in a future post.

1) Only trust a select few people.

2) Keep one eye open but watch your back.

3) Most people are nice by nature but we all have our flaws.

4) You heal up much quicker when you are young than when you are old.

5) Gray hair might look nice but not as much as the Afro I had as a teen.

6) Pray a LOT.

7) Pray out loud with your spouse every night.

8) Children are a tremendous blessing.

9) Grandchildren are  also!!

image of grandchild walking w/grandparent 34 random life lessons from The Husband www.happyhour786.com
Children and grandchildren are a blessing.

10) Buy a house when you are young – or buy 2.

11) You can handle more adversity than you would ever believe.

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Wish We Could Find A Solution For No. 12

12) Toilets don’t clean themselves.

13) Every woman is totally different!

14) Listen to really really old people. They have been there.

15) Enjoy at least one sport.

image of golfer 34 random life lessons from The Husband www.happyhour786.com
Enjoy a sport.

16) Life is good and then it gets better.

17) Live every second.

18) Talk positive to yourself.

19) Your parents did the best they knew how.

20) Be gracious – God was and is.

My Personal Favorite is No. 21

21) Travel and see the country.

22) Find employment you enjoy, then it’s not a “job.”

23) Listen first and second, then talk.

24) Everyone is very different and that is good.

25) Little boys act one way and little girls act another (people will tell you it’s nurture vs. nature) but we raised them.

26) Music inspires.

27) Coffee is good, GOOD coffee is REALLY good.

image of coffee and coffee mug 34 random life lessons from The Husband www.happyhour786.com
D&M our favorite coffee (#notsponsored) and my favorite mug!(#notsponsored)

28) 143 mph feels the same as 70, only faster (says the retired State Trooper.)

29) You can’t stop on ice no matter how big your 4×4 is.

30) Pull your house with a diesel dualie.

image of our truck and RV 34 random life lessons from The Husband www.happyhour786.com
Diesel dualie pulls our house like a champ!

31) Save and invest. You’ll be on a fixed income someday.

32) Laundry never ends but it beats stinky clothes.

33) Learn  how to handle a handgun and rifle.

34) Yield the right of way and then look again (again, you can see the WSP coming out in the lessons I’ve learned, right?)

Some are whimsical, some more serious. While our lessons may share some commonalities, we each develop our own from our personal experiences. Kind of a fun little exercise writing them down as fast as they come to mind.

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